In today’s economy, most owners of small to mid-sized business (SMBs) are looking for ways to cut corners financially. From scaling down on staff to reducing overhead costs, they are finding ways to simplify their business on a financial level. One way to cut down on monthly bills is by switching your land line to a VoIP business phone system by Vonage Business.

Powerful Technology for Business Success

Vonage is dedicated strictly to SMBs, which means you don’t have to compete with larger corporations or residential customers for our time and support. Our VoIP business phone systems, or Voice over Internet Protocol phones, are cost-effective and practical for your business. VoIP business phone systems are rapidly replacing traditional land lines and in house systems across the country.

What is a VoIP Business Phone System?

VoIP simply means that voice data is transferred as digital information instead of electrical signals. Similar to the improvement in television from rabbit ears on a TV to high definition digital signals, VoIP is a more sophisticated phone system and method of delivering voice calls. The only equipment you need is an IP phone which plugs into a broadband connection. Then all of the features and service are delivered over the Internet connection. No equipment needs to be stored at your location, we store all the servers for you, and your phone accesses them via the internet.

How are Costs Lower?

The main advantage of a VoIP business phone system is the significantly lower cost. Traditional phones charge by the minute (or even second) for connecting calls to different service areas. Business VoIP calls on the other hand are all delivered and connected over the internet, and thus are charged at a much lower rate. Therefore, business VoIP calls are charged on a flat rate if you subscribe to an unlimited extension plan. It doesn’t matter how much calling you do, if it’s local or across the country, the low flat monthly rate will stay the same.

Why Vonage Business?

Vonage strives to power SMBs. We offer no-contract service, with no cancellation fees, to ensure that our customers stay with us because they want to. As a result, we are constantly improving and expanding our service offering. Unlike many VoIP business phone system providers our technology was developed in-house, and is not open source. This means that our developers and engineers know our system backwards and forward and built it from the ground up. We are constantly developing new features and improving the system, and there are no doubts about the reliability of coding done by third-party developers. We’ve developed industry-leading features like the Vonage Business Desktop and On-Demand Call Recording, which truly differentiate our service from the competition.

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