It seems everything is ‘virtual’ in this day in age. From virtual video games to virtual tours, we have access to more than ever before. The same rings true for the telephone systems used by real estate professionals. Instead of a physical piece of equipment you buy and store in your small business, a virtual PBX performs all the functions of an in-house phone system, but in the cloud. This means that all the functionality of a phone system is delivered to your phone over the Internet. This spells big business functionality for even the smallest businesses, and much more.

Imagine being able to take your office with you wherever you traveled to manage an open house or meet your clients to sign closing paperwork. At Vonage Business, we make that possible with our Work from Anywhere feature.

Work from Anywhere – from Your Office to an Open House

Our small business virtual PBX system is portable in every sense of the word. Like mobile phones, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone can be taken nearly everywhere, as long as there is a broadband connection. Just plug your phone into your Internet connection, and it’s like you’re back at the office. You can make and receive calls from your company number, transfer calls to other employees in your company, and be accessible by extension dialing from the Virtual Receptionist. The Virtual PBX is accessible virtually anywhere!

Portability is certainly a big advantage of a small business virtual PBX phone system, but another element not to be overlooked is its low cost. There is no PBX equipment to buy, we host it all for you, and you access it through your Internet connection. As a result, real estate businesses save on hardware costs, and then get continued savings through our low flat rate unlimited extension plans. You can call nationwide as much as you want for a low flat monthly rate, and get a suite of business grade features included at no extra charge.

Advanced calling features used to only be available to very large companies that could afford to purchase sophisticated equipment and pay for a large number of phone lines. Today, thanks to high-speed broadband connections, all of the features of a Fortune 500 phone system are available to small businesses, even one-person real estate offices.

If you’re ready to see how your realty office can benefit from a small business virtual PBX, get a free quote today!

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