As a doctor or a dentist, your business phone system at your medical practice is the number one tool that helps you stay connected to your patients and vendors. Increases in medical technology continue to help practice managers, nurses, doctors, billing personnel, and receptionists – so why settle for less than a phone system that delivers more than just a dial tone? Why not choose VoIP technology that allows you to flip calls between phones, never miss a call, set a programmable auto attendant, record calls, and so much more?

Healthcare VoIP Helps Medical Offices Stay in Touch

Vonage Business’ VoIP for medical offices operates on your Internet Protocol (IP). Known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), this type of phone system not only reduces your phone bill, but also improves communication between your patients and amongst your employees.

  • Virtual Receptionist: Create different greetings for different time of the day, ensure that calls get rerouted appropriately during the lunch hour, and set up call groups to route calls to the correct department with ease.
  • Call Park: When a patient calls for billing but really needs the medical records department, “park” the call in one spot and have the call retrieved by another extension.
  • Proprietary VoIP Technology: Security of personal information is paramount in healthcare, and our proprietary technology ensures that your calls are safe.
  • Desktop: Our latest feature – FREE for customers – has the powerful ability to integrate with your patient / customer resource management system. Interested in seeing if your clinical practice software can integrate with Vonage to make faster calls and save time? Call our Sales department today to learn more.

Unlike VoIP phone systems in years past, Vonage’s medical phone system for small businesses are far more powerful that traditional land lines. With clear reception and awesome portability, you’ll see a boost in productivity both in and out of the office. Learn how one of our customers uses Vonage at her office.

We understand many medical practitioners (and even employees) are away from the office often. With our small phone systems, you’re able to talk virtually anywhere around the globe. As long as there is a broadband connection – and these days, there is one nearly everywhere – you can simply log onto your computer and make calls.

Just like full-featured phone systems for larger corporations, Vonage’s small phone system for small businesses is full of features, yet simple to use. If you’re like most professionals, you’ve used business phones in the past that required a rocket scientist to operate it.

Not our VoIP phones. You’ll enjoy the same features as a more expensive, traditional phone system, only Vonage charges an affordable flat rate each month. You can spend more time on your patients and less time trying to figure out how to use your phone system.

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