An IP Phone System, simply put, is a phone system that works by using the Internet to connect calls instead of traditional phone lines. IP stands for Internet Protocol, and is a means of transmitting telephone calls digitally. IP telephony is much less expensive than traditional phone service, and allows for unlimited long distance calling, and business grade features at an affordable price. Vonage Business offers IP phone systems exclusively for small businesses.

If you’re a small business owner, then you understand the daily struggles of staying afloat and succeeding against larger companies. Oftentimes, you find yourself trying to cut corners wherever possible, but that’s not always an easy undertaking. Fortunately, with IP telephony, communications are an area where you can easily cut your bills. Offering a superior IP phone system, we help small businesses maintain a professional communication presence with customers while significantly reducing their monthly phone bill.

IP Phone Systems connect calls within a company just as traditional systems do. Vonage’s system is hosted, meaning there is no equipment for you to buy or maintain. All of the features of your phone system are delivered over the internet, and you simply pay a subscription fee to have all of the features your business needs.

Since your phone system is delivered to you over the internet, it is much more accessible and flexible than a traditional in-house system. You can take your phone home or on the road, and still stay in touch as if you were in the office. This is great for connecting employees to customers and business associates, but also to each other. Even if employees are in completely different cities or states, they can dial the extension of another employee or transfer a call, just as if they were down the hall from each other.

With an IP phone system, you get the cost savings and flexibility of a hosted system, and also a wide array of business features included at no extra cost. With an unlimited extension plan you get Voicemail to Email, Virtual Receptionist, Call Forwarding, Call Logs, Find Me Follow Me, and much more. Many small businesses have found success by switching to Vonage Business, and it’s our goal to help many more succeed.

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