As someone who works in a large warehouse or distribution center, you know that handling phone calls can be tricky business. After all, your office might be on one side of the building while your main bay is located on the other side, and you may find yourself frequently placing callers on hold while you run back and forth to check the status of shipments.

A hosted VoIP system for warehouses and distribution centers allows employees throughout the building to stay in touch via cordless phones, call routing, and mobile apps for smartphones. You can still maintain a professional presence even if you’re not actually at your desk.

Cordless Phones

Vonage Business recommends the Panasonic TGP 550 desk phone with cordless handset for warehouses and distribution centers, as you can have the full functionality of a desk phone and the mobile accessibility of a cordless phone. Expandable by up to six cordless handsets, you’ll be able to equip all of your departments with the ability to take calls on eight numbers.

Never Miss a Call

With Vonage’s Never Miss a Call settings, you can configure how you want a call rerouted if you miss it on one extension. A favorite configuration for warehouses, this hosted VoiP system feature can be set up to first ring your desk phone, then your cell phone. Or, you can ring two extensions simultaneously, or even just set the call to go straight to voicemail in the event that you’re out of the office or in a meeting.

Mobile Apps

The free Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android enable your employees to manage their own business number directly from their cell phone. In an office or warehouse, where not everybody has a desk, the Mobile apps allow you to assign virtual extensions to your employees. When you call your employee’s extension or full-length direct inward dial number, his or her cell phone will ring. It’s an inexpensive and affordable way to make sure that you’re able to stay in touch with everybody – both in and out of the warehouse.

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