It’s not always easy to succeed as a small business. The playing field is vast, and it’s hard to win against the bigger players. At Vonage Business we pull for the underdog: small businesses. We are your partner in communications, offering superior hosted IP phone service. We level the playing field, so you can enjoy success and continuous growth.

So what does a hosted IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) mean for your small business? For starters, it means you can reduce your phone bill significantly. For a low flat monthly rate, you get unlimited nationwide calling. What’s more, many powerful business features are included at no extra charge. So economically, a hosted IP phone system makes sense.

More than the low cost of Vonage’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, our hosted IP system is flexible. You have the flexibility of adding or removing extensions at any time. There is no installation cost for changing the size of your account.

We want to help businesses grow, not penalize them for it by charging installation fees when adding new extensions for new employees. Hosted IP systems also allow businesses to be flexible about the location of their employees. Regardless of whether an employee is working from the office, at home, or on the road, their IP phone will register with your account and work seamlessly with your system.

A hosted IP telephony system from Vonage doesn’t require the purchase of expensive PBX hardware . Instead, we host all of the necessary equipment for you, and it’s delivered to you via your high speed internet connection. Our systems are comparable to those of Fortune 500 companies, minus the high cost associated with long distance traditional phone rates. We focus strictly on small businesses, so you don’t have to compete with larger companies or residential customers for our attention.

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