As medical offices expand, the adoption of digital phone systems by all types of medical professionals continues to increase at a rapid rate. But how do doctors, dentists and other medical professionals utilize this type of hosted phone system in their offices?

CRM Integrations

Many medical practices utilize a customer relationship management system or CRM to keep track of appointments, billing and medical histories. Vonage Business Desktop is built to sync with most major business-class CRMs, and out in-house engineering team continually develops new integrations to work for all types of offices. With each and every phone call, you can adjust your CRM to automatically open to the caller’s record to take notes or look up information about previous appointments.

Paging Groups

If you need to page a nurse to come to the front desk, you can the digital phone system feature of a Paging Group to pick up a phone and broadcast an announcement to a specific paging group. For example, if you’re at the receptionist’s desk but don’t want to bother the billing department or the lab, you can select the “Exam Rooms” paging group and only those phones will broadcast your request for assistance.

Call Park

If you take a call in Exam Room 1 and then need to move to a private office to continue the conversation, you can “park” that call on your account and pick it up from any other extension. It’s ideal for when you need to move to a room and you’re not sure if it’ll be occupied or not. The beauty of Vonage’s digital phone system is that you don’t need to decide on which extension you’ll continue the call – you can move around the office until it works best for you.

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