As technology improves, so too do the tools of business. For years the business telephone remained virtually unchanged. With the advent of Business VoIP, phones for business have become much more sophisticated and powerful tools of communication.

About Vonage Business

Vonage Business takes a different approach when it comes to doing business. Our team members provide impeccable services to companies who are in need of an affordable business VoIP phone system. We strive to make your business VoIP phone system hassle-free. And we’re always available to troubleshoot, no matter the problem.

Vonage’s Business VoIP Phone System

Vonage offers a line of top quality Business VoIP phones that have been rigorously tested for compatibility and optimal functionality with our system. We offer a wide range of models from top IP phone providers Cisco, Polycom, Panasonic, and Yealink. Not every business and not every employee requires the same degree of functionality, and that’s why Vonage has different model business voip phones to suit every need. From fully loaded executive model IP phones to basic calling and transferring for interns, Vonage has your business covered.

These top quality phones deliver crystal clear calling quality and big business features at an affordable price. From your Vonage phone you can transfer calls to other extensions on your account, even if they are located across the country. Sending calls straight to voicemail is a breeze, and with add-on features like On-Demand Call Recording, you can start recording a conversation with a simple keystroke.

Benefits of a Business VoIP Phone System

With Vonage, you can add on features or keep your VoIP phone system as simple as possible. Listed below are a few of the many benefits you will receive by using Vonage Business:

  • No installation necessary – your business VoIP phones will register as soon as you plug them into your internet connection.
  • Flat rate Unlimited Calling– no unexpected charges
  • Savings – Reduce your company’s phone bill significantly over traditional phone service
  • Versatility – More functionality and versatility than a traditional business telephone system
  • Get live support when you need it
  • Month-to-month, with no contracts or cancellation fees

The Evolution of Business VoIP

Often times when people consider VoIP they think of residential services. Over the past decade significant advances have been made in the architecture of business voip phone systems, and today they are far more sophisticated than traditional phone systems, and at a fraction of the cost. As internet speeds and bandwidth have continued to increase, so too has call quality, and the reliability of business VoIP. In the early days phone service delivered by the internet was an uncertain proposition for many businesses, but today it has been established as a reliable and viable cost saving tool for businesses nationwide.

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