Are you looking for an office communications system that makes sense? With our hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, businesses get affordable phone service via the Internet. While this is an extremely affordable and efficient method of communicating with co-workers and customers alike, it’s likely you will feel overwhelmed in choosing the best hosted phone system for your business. And that’s where Vonage Business comes into play.

We’re here to serve as a fundamental division of your business; we’re here to be your professional communication presence. Vonage understands the importance of a reliable business phone system, and we’re continuously making advancements on our VoIP hosted phone system. We also understand that a phone conversation is often a person’s first impression of your business – how the call is answered, placed on hold, transferred over, picked up by voicemail, etc. We want that first impression to be a positive one.

Vonage hosts all the technology necessary in the cloud, and delivers all the professional features of a corporate phone system. Unlimited calling service and powerful business features like Voicemail to Email and Virtual Receptionist are included at no extra charge.

At Vonage, our customers enjoy the cost-efficiency of our hosted phone system. For a low flat rate, they don’t have to worry about minutes used or how many long distance calls are made. Our VoIP phones include the same features as a traditional phone system for a Fortune 500 company, but our price is unbeatable. Our customers also appreciate the convenience of our phone services – they can access their office phone almost anywhere around the world, as long as a broadband connection is available.

In essence, a hosted phone system by Vonage is the way of the future. Many small to mid-sized businesses are catching on to the many benefits of VoIP technology – and switching from their outdated landline systems. And in time, it’s likely all companies will make the easy switch. The bottom line is that business VoIP phone systems make sense as business owners are looking for practicality in communications.

Our goal is to power small to mid-sized businesses, and we’ll customize your phone system so it suits all your communication needs.

Each VoIP extension comes with its own voicemail box, allowing employees to have secure access to messages. You can check messages from the Vonage Business Mobile App for iPhone or Android, from your phone or from your User Portal.

This voicemail box can be programmed to send voicemails to email, as well as play different messages for different calls and when you are out of the office.

Four Customizable Greetings:

  • Name Greeting: This greeting will only play if your account is configured with a dial-by-name directory. What this means is that callers can reach an extension by dialing the first few letters of the first or last name. This directory is configured through the virtual receptionist. When callers enter your name, this name greeting will play to ensure them they have dialed correctly.
  • Unavailable Greeting: This greeting will play if you do not answer your phone, either because you are out of the office or when you are on a call and the second line on your phone rings.
  • Busy Greeting: This greeting will play if your phone is on “Do Not Disturb,” or if you receive a call when all other line appearances on your phone are in use.
  • Vacation Greeting: This greeting will play in place of the unavailable and busy message for as long as the box is checked. In order to revert to your original unavailable and busy greeting, you must uncheck the box.

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Voicemail to Email is a convenient Vonage Business feature that allows Vonage customers to listen to their messages from a computer, in addition to their phones.

Every employee with an extension can select the email address of their choice where they’d like to receive their voicemails. When a message is received on an extension, an email notification is sent to the selected email address with an MP3 attachment of the message.

The MP3 files are easily played on computer speakers or headphones, and can be saved permanently in email folders for record keeping and reference.

How Can Voicemail to Email Benefit Me?

  • With Voicemail to Email, all voicemails become accessible at any time.
  • Employees can easily save voicemail audio files to a folder on their computer.
  • MP3s are also much easier to review and control playback of specific parts of a message.

Every extension has a password protected User Interface, which provides even more control over voicemails. Employees can change their voicemail settings for their extension, and download and forward voicemails from the User Interface web portal.

How Else Can I Use Voicemail to Email?

Companies that want to add an even greater level of convenience and streamlined communications signup for Vonage’s voicemail transcription service. With Vonage Visual Voicemail, in addition tov the MP3 attachment included with Voicemail to Email is a text transcription of the message itself in the body of the email.

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Voicemail Transcription: Woman on cell in busy setting.Sometimes listening to voicemail just isn’t possible – whether you’re in a lengthy meeting, a solemn courtroom, or a loud and bustling train station. That’s why voicemail transcription is so popular. It lets you discretely view the message as text within an email just moments after you receive a voicemail. You stay connected to all your important calls and keep your business moving.

How It Works

When you receive a voicemail on your extension, our automated system transcribes it and sends an email you can view on your desktop, smartphone and any device where you check email. The transcribed message appears in the body of the email, along with the phone number and an attachment of the recorded message.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Ensures you quickly receive voicemails in writing via email.
  • Allows you to discretely read voicemails wherever you are.
  • Lets you forward voicemail messages from your email.
  • Protects privacy as no live agents are involved in the automated transcription process.
  • Offered free for the first 30 days. After the 30-day trial, the normal monthly per-extension fee will apply.

It’s no wonder so many customers rely on this convenient feature.

Get Started

To enable voicemail transcription, you must first activate the free Voicemail to Email feature on your Admin Portal. Then, go to the billing tab of the portal to set up Voicemail Transcription. Or, call Customer Care and a representative will help you set up the feature. Be sure to request your first month free!

This feature may be used to collect general information that may be shared by multiple people in the office. Examples of virtual mailboxes include restaurant reservation lines or general inquiry mailboxes for after-hours questions.

The virtual mailbox is an extension with a voicemail box only. Inbound or outbound calls are not available using this extension type.

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Did you know that your Vocalocity phone system actually comes with not one, but FOUR possible voicemail messages?

Changing Voicemail Greetings with Vocalocity Mobile

  • Log into the Vocalocity Mobile app
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Voicemail”
  • Scroll to the section under “Voicemail Greetings” and select the type of recording you want to change. For example, “Busy”
  • Tap on “Busy” and press “Record”
  • The phone will prompt you to enter a phone number from which to record your message. You can also use your cell phone.
  • Press “Dial”
  • When your phone rings, you’ll hear a prompt to record your message and press # when you’re done
  • To save your message, press “1” or press “2” to delete it and start again
  • Repeat the process for all the different types of greetings you want to customize
  • When you’re all done, remember to press “Save”

Changing Voicemail Greetings from Your Desk Phone

  • Press the message or voicemail button on your desk phone
  • The system will prompt you to enter your password and press #
  • Press “4” to access your mailbox options
    • Press 1 to change your Unavaliable message
    • Press 2 to change your Busy / Do Not Disturb message
    • Press 3 to change your Name
    • Press 4 to change your Temporary / Vacation message
    • Press 5 to change your PIN number
  • Once you’ve chosen the type of message you want to change, start recording at the beep and press # when you’re done speaking
  • To save your message, press “1” or to delete the message press “2”

It’s that simple! Now, when people call you, they’ll hear a different message based on the options you’ve set up.

About Dave Morris

Dave is a content strategist and writer at Vonage Business Solutions, working with teams across the company to build communication programs that enable our customers and assist our prospects. He enjoys living in Atlanta and is an avid gardener, restaurant enthusiast and live music fan.

Manage your voice, fax, and email messages from a single inbox in your email client. Unified Inbox comes free with the system as a built-in feature.