Voicemail Transcription: Woman on cell in busy setting.Sometimes listening to voicemail just isn’t possible – whether you’re in a lengthy meeting, a solemn courtroom, or a loud and bustling train station. That’s why voicemail transcription is so popular. It lets you discretely view the message as text within an email just moments after you receive a voicemail. You stay connected to all your important calls and keep your business moving.

How It Works

When you receive a voicemail on your extension, our automated system transcribes it and sends an email you can view on your desktop, smartphone and any device where you check email. The transcribed message appears in the body of the email, along with the phone number and an attachment of the recorded message.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Ensures you quickly receive voicemails in writing via email.
  • Allows you to discretely read voicemails wherever you are.
  • Lets you forward voicemail messages from your email.
  • Protects privacy as no live agents are involved in the automated transcription process.
  • Offered free for the first 30 days. After the 30-day trial, the normal monthly per-extension fee will apply.

It’s no wonder so many customers rely on this convenient feature.

Get Started

To enable voicemail transcription, you must first activate the free Voicemail to Email feature on your Admin Portal. Then, go to the billing tab of the portal to set up Voicemail Transcription. Or, call Customer Care and a representative will help you set up the feature. Be sure to request your first month free!

Whether you find yourself relaxing with friends and family this Summer or the unfortunate victim of a weather event, it’s great to know that with the flexibility Vocalocity provides, you’ll never be out of touch.  Here are a few of the features that make staying connected on-the-go easier than ever.

Never Miss a Call

Vocalocity business VoIP phone service includes a ‘Never Miss a Call’ feature, which allows you to decide how your incoming calls are handled. Calls can be automatically routed or forwarded to different locations such as a voicemail account, a mobile phone or any other phone number.  You can even set it to simultaneously ring these other devices.

Check out this quick article to set up this feature and visit your Vocalocity user portal to make updates at my.vonagebusiness.com.

Plug and Play Cloud VoIP Technology

All of our phones are plug and play, meaning that you can just unplug your phone from your regular office and take it with you. Just plug it in to any broadband Internet jack and you’ll have the same professional appearance from anywhere – across town or around the world!

Vocalocity Mobile VoIP

If you are unable to bring your office phone to your current location or power loss causes your computer not to work, you can use our mobile application to manage many features directly from your Android or iPhone. Make calls with the caller ID of your business line so you still look professional and don’t have to give out your mobile number.  You can also access voicemail or listen to calls you have recorded with the Vocalocity mobile app.

Click here to download the mobile app to your device, or just search your App Store or Marketplace for “Vocalocity.”

To see the complete list of free features included with your extension, click here.

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About Chris Rabbu

Chris Rabbu is the Vice President of Marketing, Lead Generation at Vonage Business Solutions, the fastest growing provider of cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems for business. He resides in Atlanta, GA and is working on his tennis serve when not dreaming up ridiculously effective marketing campaigns.

Manage your voice, fax, and email messages from a single inbox in your email client. Unified Inbox comes free with the system as a built-in feature.