Call_MonitoringThis secure feature uses PIN numbers to ensure that only approved users can monitor calls on their company’s account. For transparency, the option to use a built in legal announcement can be configured from your online account portal. With this setting, all callers will be notified that their call may be recorded prior to the discussion. Administrators can also track call monitoring behavior to ensure that the system is being used appropriately.

How Does Call Monitoring Work?

Administrators can monitor calls from the office or by calling into the system remotely from a cell phone. From there, you can:

  • Monitor: Listen in on a call to monitor performance. Your line will be muted, and neither party will hear you.

  • Whisper: Speak to employees to help them handle a call. Only your employee on your account will be able to hear you.

  • Barge: Join in on the call to assist both parties.

Who Uses Call Monitoring?

Call Monitoring is an excellent training tool to either help new employees get acclimated with processes or to coach seasoned employees with new sales techniques. It helps to improve quality and performance, and helps sales teams increase revenue by increasing productivity.

“As a call center that works with Medicare Products, the Call Monitoring product allows us to work compliantly by monitoring our agents. The whisper feature allows us to guide agents if needed or barge in completely letting the client know a supervisor is on the phone as well. A true value added product.”

Shelly McGeoy, CEO
SMJ Life Health Annuities

For companies concerned about security and privacy, Call Monitoring’s service management tools ensure compliance.

And companies with a mobile workforce can listen in on company calls anywhere in the world to ensure that a global employee base represents the company accurately.