We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched the second installment of our monthly Customer Spotlight series! This month’s spotlight features Dennis Freeman, Director of In-Home Tutors, an Atlanta-based tutoring company with a wide regional presence.

Dennis’ story perfectly coincides with Telework Week, which happens to take place from March 5th to March 9th all across the United States. All week, we’ll be writing about how Vocalocity customers and employees telework and still maintain peak efficiency in the workplace!

For example, In-Home Tutors operates entirely with an at-home workforce. Watch our interview with Dennis at his home, where he manages a growing business while maintaining a work-life balance with enough time to play with his dogs and get fresh air. Even though he and his employees work hundreds of miles apart, he’s still able to have complete oversight over his employees’ call logs and ensure that business is operating smoothly.

He can control his account settings, manage call tags, and share information with remote offices with Vocalocity’s FREE Online Backup and Storage feature. And because his VoIP phone systems allow him to operate a business without any real estate investment or rental expenditures, he never has to travel between cities to check in on his regional offices.

As Dennis says, “The beauty of technologies like Vocalocity mean that – as a businessman – I really never need to have an office. I can add employees who work from their homes. And with the Internet, we put a VoIP phone on their desk, so it’s a huge savings. I don’t need bricks and mortar – I can run what’s really becoming a half-million-dollar business through having people work at home.”

Ready to learn more about how you can set up a home-based business, or save money with VoIP technology? Call us at 1-877-862-2562 and speak to one of our helpful business VoIP representatives.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched the first in a series of monthly customer features – the Vocalocity Customer Spotlight! February 2012’s Customer Spotlight features party supply company PartyPail.com, an e-commerce business located in Washington state that specializes in bridal shower, baby shower, and birthday decorations.

Vocalocity is proud to have over 15,000 customers spanning an incredible range of industries including e-commerce, retail, technology, education, insurance, real estate, and so many more. Our U.S.- and Canada-based customers have so many great stories to tell, and our new Customer Spotlight program will help feature their unique tales while explaining how no annual contract business VoIP has helped them start and expand their operations.

For example – PartyPail.com was started by Edward Hechter and his wife in 2007 when they wanted to start a small business focused on helping friends, family members, and co-workers navigate the often-challenging party planning process.

They knew they needed flexible technology solutions to adapt to their fast-growing business, but they struggled with unreliable phone service providers for years before finally switching to Vocalocity.

Since adopting Vocalocity’s no annual contract VoIP service, they’ve:

  • Been better able to streamline operations
  • Cut telecommunications costs in HALF
  • Grown the business by 400%

To read more about this great partnership, visit PartyPail’s Customer Spotlight page. You can also read about PartyPail’s rapid growth in a press release about the company and its success. Want to listen to what Edward has to say about choosing Vocalocity, or want a virtual tour around his distribution center? Watch the video below.

Interested in learning more about our Customer Spotlight program or discussing opportunities to tell your story with Vonage Business? Contact marketing@vonagebusiness.com today to find out more!

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