It’s a common question from business owners looking to adopt our business phone system: “Can I keep my current phone number?” Fortunately, the answer is almost always YES – something a Vonage Business representative can confirm while you’re on the phone.

Number porting refers to transferring a phone number from one service provider to another. The number porting process requires written authorization from the business, as well as cooperation from outgoing provider. Therefore, a porting timetable is seldom predictable. That’s why we devote a specific team to managing the porting process for our customers: off-line pros to handle submissions and logistics, and agents who maintain ongoing contact with the customer. In the meantime, customers are provided a temporary phone number if they wish to use our service immediately. Or, they may simply wait until the number is ported to activate service.

Facts to Know About Phone Number Porting

  • Both local and toll-free numbers can be ported to the Vonage Business system.
  • A representative can quickly confirm the portability of a number before signup.
  • Porting is sometimes accomplished within days, but several weeks is more common.
  • Customers can use a temporary number until porting is complete, or activate after porting.
  • The Vonage Business team stays in contact with the customer throughout the process.
  • Customers are required to complete a letter of authorization and provide a phone bill.
  • A notification is sent 24 hours before numbers port to help eliminate business downtime.

Get Started:

The porting process does require a degree of patience – but our experienced porting specialists make the process as seamless as possible. Once your number is ported over to us, you’ll not only keep the identity of your current number, you’ll be operating with one of industry’s top cloud-based business phone service providers. Call us today and see what we can do for your business: 1-877-862-2562.

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At Vonage Business Solutions, we understand how important a company’s phone number can be. Many businesses keep the same phone number their entire career because it becomes a part of their identity. When making the move from one phone provider to another it is important to keep your original phone number alive and well.

We understand that a great phone service needs to fulfill all concerns when a company is making changes, and that includes moving (or “porting”) a phone number over to the new phone service. Porting is simply switching the ownership of a phone number from one telecommunications provider to the other. The Vonage Business porting specialists are located in-house and can port any compatible number in a short amount of time.

The process is very simple and can easily be done online. Below are a few steps to ensure your phone number or numbers are ported quickly and efficiently.

Submitting a Porting Request

  • Go to and submit your request online.
  • Please make sure you confirm the following information before you begin your porting request:
    • Company information on file with your carrier (company name, billing and service address, billing telephone number, and name of authorized user on account).
    • Have the most recent invoice of current carrier of numbers you are wishing to port over.
    • Make sure your account is active with the current carrier.

If you wish to submit a porting request manually please visit our Support Page where you will find printable PDF’s that you can fill out and return back to Vocalocity by fax or email.