It seems everything is ‘virtual’ in this day in age. From virtual video games to virtual tours, we have access to more than ever before. The same rings true for the telephone systems used by real estate professionals. Instead of a physical piece of equipment you buy and store in your small business, a virtual PBX performs all the functions of an in-house phone system, but in the cloud. This means that all the functionality of a phone system is delivered to your phone over the Internet. This spells big business functionality for even the smallest businesses, and much more.

Imagine being able to take your office with you wherever you traveled to manage an open house or meet your clients to sign closing paperwork. At Vonage Business, we make that possible with our Work from Anywhere feature.

Work from Anywhere – from Your Office to an Open House

Our small business virtual PBX system is portable in every sense of the word. Like mobile phones, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone can be taken nearly everywhere, as long as there is a broadband connection. Just plug your phone into your Internet connection, and it’s like you’re back at the office. You can make and receive calls from your company number, transfer calls to other employees in your company, and be accessible by extension dialing from the Virtual Receptionist. The Virtual PBX is accessible virtually anywhere!

Portability is certainly a big advantage of a small business virtual PBX phone system, but another element not to be overlooked is its low cost. There is no PBX equipment to buy, we host it all for you, and you access it through your Internet connection. As a result, real estate businesses save on hardware costs, and then get continued savings through our low flat rate unlimited extension plans. You can call nationwide as much as you want for a low flat monthly rate, and get a suite of business grade features included at no extra charge.

Advanced calling features used to only be available to very large companies that could afford to purchase sophisticated equipment and pay for a large number of phone lines. Today, thanks to high-speed broadband connections, all of the features of a Fortune 500 phone system are available to small businesses, even one-person real estate offices.

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Since you’re reading this, you’re probably mulling over either (1) switching from an analog phone service to a PBX phone system, or (2) you have a hosted PBX system with another provider, and you’re seriously unhappy. Either way, you definitely want to save money while getting reliable cloud PBX service. While Vonage Business can’t help you with your power bill or your insurance premiums, we can help you lower your monthly phone bill while providing reliable service. Known as a PBX phone system, Vonage is the leader in phone service via the Internet. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is gaining in popularity, and soon it will surpass traditional phone systems.

Why is Hosted PBX Phone Service so Much Better and Cheaper?

So how come standard phones are losing the battle against VoIP? We can think of a few reasons.

  • As already mentioned, a PBX phone system by Vonage is cost-effective. Thanks to VoIP, gone are the days of paying for long distance calls and additional features. For a low monthly rate, you’ll enjoy similar features that are typical of a Fortune 500 phone system.
  • Another reason to switch to a PBX phone system is that they’re easy to use. Many offices utilize PBX phone systems that seem to require a degree in rocket science in order to figure them out. At Vonage, we strive to make communications as simple and painless as possible. Our VoIP interface is easy to learn and easy to navigate.
  • The fact that Vonage’s PBX phone system is portable is another reason many businesses are making the switch from traditional phones. Travel is a necessary part of maintaining a business for many people, and a reliable form of communicating with colleagues and clients is critical. With a VoIP system, you can plug your phone into the computer virtually anywhere around the world. So it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the office – you can bring the office with you on your trip!
  • At Vonage, we own our equipment, which means we can efficiently address any equipment issues that arise – no waiting around for a technician to arrive. What’s more, we host off site, so you don’t have to worry about heavy, bulky equipment.

If you’d like to learn more about a PBX phone system by Vonage, call us at 1-844-324-0340. In just minutes, one of our VoIP specialists will customize a plan for you and get you connected. Worried about penalties from leaving your old provider?

Just think about how much money you’ll save in your first month or two with Vonage. It might cost a little extra to get out of your restrictive contract, but then you’ll be able to enjoy month to month contracts and low, predictable monthly bills. Be smart – start saving money today!

Work-from-homeTHUMBAt one time, safety features such as anti-lock brakes, air bags, traction and vehicle stability control were reserved for those who purchased the most expensive cars on the market. Now entry-level cars are equipped similarly to high-end vehicles, thanks to innovative automakers who understood the changing needs and desires of the average consumer.

A similar revolution is taking place within the telecommunications industry. In the recent past, Fortune 500 companies were the only telecom customers that could afford feature-rich PBX phone systems. In fact, many telecommunications service providers paid little attention to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

1) Now Available: A Market Smart System

Customer Quick Clips

Why I Selected Voice over IP
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has helped drive down the cost of monthly service and offers an attractive alternative communication solution with all of the bells and whistles of more expensive traditional options. However, the cost and complexity associated with installing on-premise VoIP PBX systems may still be beyond the reach of many small businesses. Intricate implementations and on-site maintenance issues often remain a barrier for SMBs that would otherwise adopt this technology. Consequently, players that offer on-premise VoIP PBX equipment and service have continued to focus their energies on larger companies with greater resources and more money to spend.

A 2006 industry report from Frost & Sullivan notes that micro-enterprises constitute 89 percent of the total number of business establishments in North America, but are for the most part under-served by the majority of today’s telecom solution providers. The demand for IP telephony and site-to-site or interoffice VoIP services is clearly on the minds of small- to medium-size businesses. A 2006 survey by Forrester Research found these companies were up to three times more interested than larger enterprises in such services.

However, Vonage Business is addressing the needs of the SMB market with hosted PBX solutions that offer feature-rich, flexible options at a considerably lower cost than previously available choices. Hosted business VoIP PBX systems offer SMBs a means to operate more efficiently and gain the same features and functionality that large companies consider critical to their success.

2) A Tailor Made Solution for SMB’s

With a hosted VoIP PBX, micro enterprises can project the appearance of being larger and more effective without having to bring in IT professionals to address their network needs. Hosted service providers such as Vonage Business, for instance, make it easy for these small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of a VoIP network by offering customized service packages that are priced on a per-month basis, thereby enabling better management of operational expenditures.

With a hosted PBX offering, there are no expensive upfront equipment costs. However, an SMB gains all of the advantages of a carrier-grade communications system that is fully redundant and includes back-up and fail over capabilities. By only having to invest in IP phones, there is no concern of having to update or replace obsolete hardware.

SMBs that implement a business VoIP system are highly satisfied with the results and are also likely to recommend it to peers. A 2006 study conducted by Savatar, a North America-based telecom consulting firm, noted that once they have deployed VoIP, 69 percent of respondents indicated they would highly recommend the technology. Throughout the study, respondents demonstrated why VoIP is advantageous to their business. They cited lower total cost of ownership (TCO), lower monthly recurring costs (MRC), and better system management as primary concerns driving their VoIP purchasing.

3) The Perfect Pairing for Road Warriors

There’s no denying that reliable phone systems are critical for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that need to stay in touch with their suppliers, customers and partners regardless of geography. Continuous service in today’s 24/7 environment plays an important role in businesses of any size. The cost of missing a phone call, voice mail or e-mail while on the road can be particularly high for the business owner who is trying to win new business or maintain existing customers. Staying connected while on the road is a chief concern for SMB owners and their sales teams. Checking voice mail from the road can often be time-consuming and consequently, many remote workers give out their personal cell phone number as a more expedient means of staying connected.

With a hosted PBX, road warriors can increase their productivity through a myriad of options including a “Follow Me” feature that enables call forwarding from a desktop phone to a mobile phone or home phone. This feature can be set up two ways – when a call comes in, it can be directed to ring on a mobile phone for 15 seconds, then on a home phone for 15 seconds, and on to an alternate number or voice mail. Alternatively, a simultaneous ring can be set up for incoming calls to ring on a desk phone and mobile phone at the same time ensuring that regardless of location, they’re sure to receive the call.

Another important feature for the road warrior is the ability to receive voicemail through e-mail as a .wav file or call into a mailbox remotely and check messages. In essence, the mobile phone or PDA becomes an office extension and there is no longer a need to have a desk phone to be part of the PBX.

4) No-Hassle Plug & Play Service

When small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) deploy PBX solutions that are maintained on-site, a service technician must initially install the system and then move or re-install phones every time there is a staff change. To say that this investment of time, resources and working capital is a strain on a business owner’s patience and wallet is an understatement. In contrast, hosted PBX solutions have been estimated to save business owners thousands of dollars each year. The ability to quickly set up a hosted VoIP PBX system through an easy plug-and-play approach means a SMB can have a solution that is up and running in minutes, not hours or days.

This time and money saving technique also has long-term benefits. With a hosted PBX solution, even the most non-technical employees can set up or make changes to an extension simply by going online and clicking on an “update” icon. Making such updates doesn’t require a specially trained IT professional as is often the case with an on-site system. If the employee can navigate the Internet, then he or she can easily make any changes or modifications to the features and functionality of the business’s hosted PBX system. There’s no more waiting for a technician to show up and move phones or having to “do without” an extension for any period of time.

5) Multiple Locations? No Problem!

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aren’t necessarily defined as the “mom and pop” operation down the street – in fact, they often have multiple locations around the country. A hosted business VoIP PBX allows micro enterprises to unite their dispersed locations and employees under a single communication system with a “Work from Anywhere” approach. This approach leads to increased efficiencies through the elimination of long distance charges between offices, multiple phone systems and the associated headaches that go hand-in-hand with managing these different systems. A unified solution also provides a professional image and makes it easier for customers to reach the desired party they are initially calling.

6) Highly Reliable and Disaster-Proof

SMBs that continue to use traditional PBX systems are actually putting their operations at risk for downtime as well as high upfront and maintenance costs. The reality is that many business owners who are using antiquated phone systems don’t realize their equipment is dying until it is too late. In the worst case, this could cost a business thousands of dollars and have a dramatic impact on their profitability. During a natural or other unforeseeable disaster, a small business could also lose its traditional phone system in an instant. Conversely, with a hosted PBX system, phones will never “die” and Call Continuity features can ensure business stays on track at all times.

Since information comes into a central, hosted system, voicemail is stored and never lost and extensions can be re-activated by simply plugging the IP phone into a new broadband connection. The customer never receives a busy signal or an out of service message. Put into perspective, this feature alone could not only save a business from losing profitability – it could literally keep the business from having to close its doors for good.

Many business owners aren’t sure whether or not switching to a hosted PBX from their traditional, on-premise solution is a good move. After all, they’ve invested for years in infrastructure that they trust, and they’re hearing a lot about “the cloud” but not really sure how it can save them money. Business VoIP is designed to deliver competitive, business-class quality at a lower cost precisely because of lower maintenance costs, cloud infrastructure and off-site administration.

Business VoIP and Hosted PBX Can Reduce Monthly Bills

In a nutshell, a business VoIP/hosted PBX is an all-in-one phone system that delivers big-business features to businesses of all sizes at affordable prices. IP phone systems can lower costs while actually increasing productivity. At Vonage Business, our research with customers across all industries has revealed that our VoIP customers save up to 36% on average over traditional carriers.*

And because there’s no need for an on-site technician, making changes is as easy as logging into a 24/7 online portal and customizing your system.

More Powerful, Less Expensive than Analog

Our business VoIP customers have told us time and time again that with their analog phone system, not only were they paying much more for the service, the phone service just wasn’t delivering nearly as much as they needed. Every feature cost extra and what they were really paying for was – essentially – a bare-bones service. Vonage is dedicated to making VoIP better and more advanced for businesses of any size. That’s one of the reasons that our competitively-priced phone systems come with dozens of included features while reliably delivering the basics.

Our included features not only save you money from your monthly bill, they also help to increase productivity by saving time, streamlining workflow, capturing essential voice data, and making your operation more efficient. Business VoIP features like the Virtual Receptionist, Voicemail to Email and the ability to work while on the go increase productivity. So you’re saving more than just a significant percentage on your monthly bill – you’re saving valuable time and resources that can lead to increased sales. Looking to cut costs within your business, but unsure of where to start? Vonage will help you figure out the best plan for your phone system, and you’ll be well on your way to savings.

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Though the economy continues to improve day by day, comparing affordable phone systems is still a business owner’s concern as he or she also needs to weigh the cost of other core business services to keep the doors open. Year over year, Vonage Business continues to provide small and mid-size businesses a cost-effective way to address their critical communication needs.

Save at Least 30% on Your Phone Bill*

Unlike the costly traditional phone services which many companies still rely upon to conduct business, Vonage’s Internet phone solution (hosted VoIP solution) instantly allows these entities to slice their monthly phone bill by at least 30 percent.* And while seeking ways to operate more efficiently often means having to do more with less, this is anything but the case for companies that turn to Vonage.

Small businesses who seek out affordable business phone systems choose Vonage because they find that they get everything and more than what they previously had with an analog provider. These features include an auto-attendant, Voicemail to E-mail, Follow Me settings, Music on Hold, Simultaneous Ring and the ability to work anywhere. Vonage’s fixed rate service also means there are never any surprises when the phone bill arrives or as phone usage fluctuates through times of increased or seasonal call volume.

Low Cost, Low Overhead

Businesses that turn to Vonage for their affordable business phone systems don’t have to worry about installing expensive or complex equipment often associated with such a sophisticated offering. Companies only need to purchase full-feature Internet phones – for around $150 – which are literally ready to use once they are plugged in and connected to the Internet. The initial investment for comparable systems may cost three times as much and require businesses to install complex equipment which is often expensive to maintain.

Internet phone service also allows business to cut costs in other ways in the face of today’s challenging economy. Through Vonage’s service, companies can easily address rising operating costs by allowing employees to work from home. There’s no longer a need, for instance, to lease expensive office space to house a call center to give a company a distinctive corporate office. Instead, employees with an Internet connection may easily work from their residence while the company still appears to function from a single location and phone number through a unified communication system which provides a professional image and makes it easy for customers to reach their desired parties.

The traditional office and the conventional phone system are things of the past, particularly in today’s economic climate where financial wiggle room is shrinking dramatically. With an affordable business phone system solution from Vonage, it is possible for small businesses to easily cut the cost of a critical component – a voice communication system. At the same time, these companies can also improve employee satisfaction as workers no longer have to contend with ever-rising commuting expenses.

Why not get a free quote and see how much you can be saving with an affordable, hosted business phone system?

More and more offices are choosing virtual phone systems to enable workers to stay connected no matter where they are. Vonage Business customers like 123 EDI and Reef and Rainforest chose a hosted phone service precisely so their talented employees can work remotely without ever feeling like they’re separated from the main company. A virtual phone set-up like the one provided by Vonage can not only unify your offices, it can also give you the presence of a much larger business while affording you a small business budget.

“Work from Anywhere”

Virtual phone systems are hosted “in the cloud” which means that you can access your technology wherever and whenever, as long as you have an Internet connection. If you’re the type of person who needs to travel frequently for conferences or tradeshows, you can easily connect to your business phone system via a softphone.

You can even unplug your desk phone and take it with you, perfect for maintaining a business presence even when you need some quiet time at your mountain cabin or beach house. And if you have the type of business where your employees need to be on a call – but you don’t want to have to purchase an entirely new cell phone for them – our Vonage Business Mobile apps for iPhone® and Android™ work directly through the cell phone while giving the appearance that you’re calling from your desk.

Big Business Presence

Project Partners uses Vonage’s virtual phone system to connect its employees across the United States while giving the appearance that they’re all located in the same office. By setting up their phone system with the same area code, sales professionals can close deals while presenting a professional appearance.

Transferring calls is easy, as employees can dial an extension just like they would if they were all sitting in the same office building. So if the Director of Operations in California needs to reach the Vice President of Sales in Boston, she can just dial his extension to forward a call, without having to ask the caller to hang up and dial an outside number.

Bottom Line

By choosing virtual phone systems, businesses are giving themselves a competitive advantage to be able to work anywhere, be more productive, and spend less money on monthly bills and maintenance.

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Teleworking is becoming an increasingly common for businesses looking to cut costs. With employees working from home, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) can cut costs on overhead, and reduce the amount of time and productivity lost to commuting. One of the most important elements of teleworking is the communication system implemented to allow employees this flexibility. Vonage Business’ IP telephone system makes teleworking much simpler and more affordable for small businesses.

How Affordable is Teleworking with a VoIP Phone System?

If you’re looking for a superior means of communication without breaking the bank, then an IP telephone system (IP stands for Internet Protocol) is the way to go. Affordable, portable and easy to use, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is transforming the way businesses correspond with colleagues and customers alike.

For a low monthly rate, you’ll enjoy all the features of a traditional phone system and long distance calling. Calls are placed over the Internet, and all of the features are delivered to your companies phones, no matter where they are plugged in. This makes VoIP technology less expensive to use – and helps your small business save a significant amount of money on phone service.

Unlike standard phone lines, an IP telephone system from Vonage doesn’t require any heavy equipment on your end. We host all necessary equipment off site, so you can enjoy a hassle-free phone system. Teleworking only requires a high speed Internet connection, and your employees can all be connected to the same company phone system, no matter where they are. This means making and receiving calls from their company number, being accessible from the phone menu via extension dialing, and transferring calls to other employees.

With IP telephone systems, you can work from anywhere, anywhere around the world. As long as there is a broadband connection – and there pretty much is on every corner – you can plug your phone into your computer and it’s as if you’ve brought your office along with you!

The world’s mobile working population now numbers well over 1 billion people – and that number isn’t standing still. That’s a lot of workers on the move!


In the America’s region, according to an IDC study, North America has the largest number of mobile workers, with 75% of the workforce mobile in 2010. Across the America’s region, the number of mobile workers will grow from 182.5 million in 2010 to 212.1 million in 2015 (IDC Study, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast).

Of course, that comes as no surprise to business owners. Mobile access – both anywhere and anytime – is an imperative to success for today’s small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For many business owners and employees, their mobile device has become an “pocket office,” enhancing productivity and freeing them to take their business wherever they go – whether that’s driving to an important sales meeting, working from home or even going on a family vacation. When you can’t stay in the office, you take the office with you.

1. iPhone and Android Apps

Say you left the office for vacation, but forgot to adjust the settings on your handset before you left. No worries! With helpful mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you can configure your Never Miss a Call settings, check voicemail, make calls, and view a complete call log – accessibility at your fingertips, no matter where you are. And every call you make comes from your office number, making it appear as though you’re at your desk.

2. Voicemail to Email

Tired of calling multiple voicemail boxes to retrieve messages when you’re out of the office? Now you can leave all that behind. With Voicemail to Email integration, you can receive voicemails as email attachments to your email inbox. When a message comes in, you can receive the voicemail as an attachment (.wav or mp3 file format). Just click to listen to your message(s) from your laptop or mobile device.

3. Voicemail to Text Transcription

Say you’re in a meeting and see that a voicemail has been left for you – but can’t step out to listen to it. With Vonage Busines, you can visually “see” your voicemails when you receive them through our Voicemail to Text service. You can quickly and easily have your voicemails transcribed to text and sent right to your email or mobile device. Even if you’re in a meeting, you can scan messages, determine whether follow-up is needed and respond accordingly.

4. Online Portal

When you’re across the country at a conference or working in a coffee shop after a client meeting, Vonage’s Admin Portal makes managing your account and viewing the real-time status of coworkers’ phone lines a breeze. Set permissions for Auto Attendants, revise voicemail MP3s, pay bills, manage extensions, and so much more. And your employees have access to their very own user portal where they can manage voicemails, Never Miss a Call settings and more.

5. Never Miss a Call

Set Call Forwarding rules, enable Simultaneous Ring or set Follow Me permissions to ensure that you, well, never miss a call! It’s a free and easy way to make sure you always stay connected, and it works with your home phone and cell phone for maximum convenience.

Are You Moving Forward – Or Running In Circles?

Mobility is more than just motion. Businesses must offer effective mobile solutions for their employees – mobility is a way of life today. Many workers use their mobile devices for their business and personal lives. They need the ability to distinguish between calls, control which calls they take and when, and decide how to manage calls. It takes more than an ordinary phone service to do all that.

Vonage’s business VoIP phone service has the business intelligence you need built right into the system. Vonage gives you the power to conduct business anywhere, anytime – and gives your employees the flexibility they need to juggle the competing demands on their time.

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If you’re in the process of starting up a small business, telephone systems might be the last thing you’re thinking about as an office necessity. However, traditional business phone systems are not only costly, but incredibly complicated. At Vonage Business, we understand the challenges of starting – and maintaining – a small business. That’s why we’ve built an easy and affordable small business telephone system that you can consider without developing a migraine.

No Annual Contracts Required

We offer month to month phone service with unlimited calling¹, and business grade features included standard. Not only are our small business telephone systems affordable, but they are easy to manage and highly customizable. There is no required equipment to buy other than the phones themselves – you merely subscribe to get all the features of a full-fledged business telephone system. What’s more is that any changes to your account can be made quickly and easily from a user friendly web-portal. No maintenance person will ever have to come to your office.

Vonage supports the growth of small businesses. We are more than a service – we are your communications division. With small business telephone systems from Vonage, you get more than just calling service. We provide features that will become indispensable to your business like Voicemail to Email, “Work from Anywhere”, Virtual Receptionist, Call Forwarding and more that all come standard with unlimited flat rate calling.

Unparalleled Mobility

Looking for small business telephone systems that go wherever you go? Vonage Business is a leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that travels when you travel. As long as there is a broadband connection, there is a telephone connection. And these days, there is a broadband connection on virtually every corner, hotel room, conference center, vacation home and business center.

More important than portability is the fact that Vonage is affordable. For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy our most popular business features and long distance calling, all without an annual contract¹. We offer month-to-month service to ensure that our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

Are you ready to get a free quote for business telephone service? Get in touch and one our helpful VoIP reps will tell you everything you need to know about setting up a practical system for your office.

¹Reasonable Use Policy applies. Additional charges may apply for international usage and for certain features/services not expressly included in your monthly plan.

In a troubled economy, it seems small companies often take the biggest hit. Vonage Business is determined to help keep them afloat by offering affordable telephone systems for small business. Less expensive than traditional land lines, our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is the smart way to communicate.

Low Cost, Low Overhead

It’s important to choose a phone service that caters to your company’s individual needs – Vonage understands that. Our VoIP consultants listen to your small business needs and help you customize a plan that is best for you. Offering telephone systems for small business that operate over the Internet, as VoIP technology is far more cost-efficient and flexible than traditional phone lines.

Many traditional phone systems require expensive equipment (and lots of it). In fact, some companies have to reserve a separate office just to host it. At Vonage, we host the equipment for you in the cloud, so you don’t have to bother with tangled wires and bulky machinery, or the cost of buying and maintaining physical equipment. All of the features of your phone system are delivered over your Internet connection. This means that upgrades to your phone system happen automatically, and changing your account is quick and easy from a user-friendly web portal.

Mobility Advantage

Vonage understands the importance of business travel. Aside from being feasible for your budget, our telephone systems for small business are flexible for your work needs. Customers love the plug-and-play aspect of VoIP technology. Simply plug your phone into an internet connection and your office phone is up and running … no matter where you are in the world, as long as there is a broadband connection. Your phone accesses your phone system via the cloud, and delivers all your phone system features seamlessly, as if you were in the office.

Business-Class Features

Our VoIP phones include business-friendly features – much like features found on a traditional phone system for a Fortune 500 company; however, you only pay a low monthly flat rate, for unlimited calling, and all the features you need are included at no extra charge. Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, call hold and call transfer are just a few of the basic features.

Telephone systems for small business don’t have to be expensive and cumbersome, thanks to cloud PBX systems from Vonage. Your business can benefit from big savings and increased functionality by harnessing the power and flexibility of a cloud phone system. Ready to learn more? Fill out the form on the left and a helpful VoIP agent will be in touch shortly!