In our efforts to continually go above and beyond customer expectations, Vocalocity is introducing another great program to enhance the customer experience – the official Vocalocity Partner Training Certification!

Why a New Certification Process?

As Vocalocity continues to grow, we want to ensure that we equip our Partners with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools to sell our product, which is why we’ve created a certification process. This certification strengthens the wealth of knowledge that Partners have developed over the years.

Upon completion of the Certification Program, all Partners will receive a unique certificate and email signature logo to prove that they are dedicated to Vocalocity’s value, technology, and commitment to customer service. Now, when Partners sell our business VoIP service, their customers will know that they are the premier vendor of hosted business VoIP phone service for small business.

What do Partners Need to Do?

  • Your username and password will be sent to you, along with a link to the learning portal.
  • Complete the three courses and pass the exam at the end of each course. In total, this should take no longer than three hours. You can complete the certification at your own pace, and return to the portal at any time.
  • Once you complete the certification, you will receive a certificate and an official badge for your email signature, certifying that you are officially a Vocalocity Certified Partner.

What Does this Mean for Customers?

Customers will continue to experience the same reliable, no-contract VoIP service as always – they’ll just know that now, their vendor has the most in-depth knowledge to sell them a custom business phone service.

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