It’s comforting to know that you can manage your Vocalocity business phone service right from your smartphone. With full phone service functionality, you can stay linked in and informed about the day’s progress even when you’re away from your desk.

We have a full post about using Vocalocity Mobile for iPhone or Android over at our site, but here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions of how to get started and use your mobile features.

Getting Started

  1. Open the app
  2. Type in your username and password that you use to log in to
  3. Tap “Save Password”
  4. Enter your mobile phone number

Accessing Voicemail

  1. When you have a new voicemail, a red numerical badge will appear over the voicemail icon. Tap the “Voicemail” icon to enter the voicemail section.
  2. Upon entering the voicemail section, the screen will load with a list of all new voicemails. You may sort between new and old voicemails by tapping the “New/All” filter at the top of the screen.
  3. Tapping the blue arrow to the right of a voicemail message takes you to the voicemail details screen.

Dialing Out

  1. Tap the “Dial a Number” icon
  2. Type the number you want to call
    • NOTE: The app will call your mobile number you entered upon setup. The caller will see the incoming caller ID as your Vocalocity phone number, but the service does use your mobile calling minutes.
  3. Press “Answer”  – you will hear an announcement that the service is connecting your call

Configure Never Miss a Call

Upon entering the “Never Miss A Call” section, the screen will load with a list of options as well as the option to turn on “Do not Disturb.” This setting will allow you to customize how your phone rings so that even if you’re at home, the grocery store, or running late to a meeting, you’ll be able to answer your business calls as though you’re at your desk. The video below shows you how to change all the settings.

Send Calls to Voicemail : 0:27

Tap “Send Calls to Voicemail” to configure how many seconds your extension should ring before going straight  to voicemail.

Enable Call Forwarding : 0:45

Tap “Enable Call Forwarding” to choose the phone number and caller ID you would like to be passed on when your call is forwarded. For example, many people select their own number as the caller ID so that when a call comes in, it shows up as “My Office Phone” from your address book. This way, you can always answer the phone professionally with a “Hello, Paul Smith speaking” rather than just a generic “hello?”

Enable Follow Me : 1:07

Tap “Enable Follow Me” to configure settings to ring multiple phones. If you have a receptionist, you could set up your phone to first ring your desk phone for 10 seconds, then your cell phone for 20 seconds, and then your receptionist for 10 seconds. If he or she still doesn’t pick up the phone, you can have the caller leave a message on your voicemail.

Simultaneous Ring : 1:46

Tap “Enable Simultaneous Ring” to configure other phone numbers that you would like to ring simultaneously with your extension. This is a great setting for a sales associate when timing is of the essence – you can have your cell phone ring at the exact same time as your desk phone so that even if you stepped away from the desk to freshen up your coffee, you’ll never miss a call.

Additional Settings

There are many more things you can do with your Vocalocity Mobile app, but these are the most frequently asked questions about how to use the service. For more, please visit our Vocalocity Mobile support page. And stay tuned! In 2013, we have some exciting advancements to the mobile app that will make this type of “anywhere” access even more useful.

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Welcome to Day Two of Teleworking Week! I’m coming to you live from my local coffee shop where I’m getting work done from my laptop and my iPhone.

A few months ago, we launched our FREE iPhone and Android applications for Vocalocity customers and so far it has helped me stay connected even more than I ever anticipated. Since I downloaded our VoIP iPhone app, I’ve always had the Never Miss a Call settings enabled to “Follow Me.” I’ve customized my “Follow Me” settings to ring my desk phone for 15 seconds, and then activate my cell phone to ring for 30 seconds. If I don’t answer, the call goes straight to voicemail.

Vocalocity Mobile from a Coffee Shop

I love this setting because if I’m at my desk, I’m quickly able to grab the phone and have a conversation. But if I’m in a meeting, at lunch, or on the other side of the building, I can still stay connected through my cell phone. And if I’m nowhere near the office, I can always check my voicemails directly through the mobile app.

For example, as I was walking to the coffee shop from my house this morning, I got a business call on my phone and was able to answer immediately. Some other scenarios I’ve encountered where this has been useful are:

  • Sitting in traffic and worried that I’d be late to call in for a conference call
  • Waiting for my flight at the airport and killing time by tying up some loose ends on a project
  • Coordinating with a professional contact located in California – they’re three hours behind us here in Atlanta, and I could still take the call from my home, while looking as though I was calling from my desk phone (even though it was 7:30 PM).

Vocalocity Mobile is great for times when you know you’ll be away from your desk and for unexpected events when you just need to stay connected.  And best of all? It’s FREE. I don’t use it all the time as my primary method of staying connected over the phone, but when I consider the amount of work I’ve been able to accomplish by never missing calls or having to play phone tag, the productivity adds up to a real value.

Already a Vocalocity customer? Want to try Vocalocity Mobile for yourself? Visit the product page for fast links to the App Store and Android Market.

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