Business Phone System: Admin Portal imageIn the face of serious winter storms, business owners are first concerned for the safety and well-being of their commuting employees. Many are also thinking of possible lost work days if employees are unable to make it into the office – and resulting lost revenue when inbound calls go unanswered.

For countless companies, the business phone system is the lifeline to customers. Particularly with most traditional phone systems, if you can’t get into the office, you simply can’t receive incoming calls. At that moment, the prospects of lost productivity and lost sales are very real; it’s a situation many businesses simply cannot control.

Why You Should “Never Miss a Call”

It’s often during the toughest conditions that business owners realize the advantage of hosted VoIP phone systems. When the system is hosted in the cloud and connected through the Internet, as the Vonage system is, you can access your full phone system wherever you are – and never miss a call!

What you can do right now.  If you can’t make it to the office, the next step is easy with the Vonage system. Simply log into your password-protected online User Portal, choose one of the “Never Miss a Call” features, and direct your office calls to ring on your cell phone or other phone. You can even access the User Portal from your cell phone. Or, your company’s administrator can adjust settings for anyone in the company using the system’s Admin Portal.  Either way, it’s fast and easy.

What is Never Miss a Call, and what are my options?  Never Miss a Call is a suite of features that help you stay fully connected to the phone system when you’re away from the office. Feature options you can select from the online portal include:

Just choose the Never Miss a Call feature you prefer, and truly, you won’t miss a call. It’s just that simple.

What About Lost Power or Internet?

If you do make it into the office, only to discover lost power or Internet – you’re still fine if you’ve configured our Call Continuity service. This patent-pending service ensures calls are rerouted to your cell phone or other phone in the event of lost power or Internet.

IMPORTANT: While Call Continuity can be vital in the event of an emergency, it must be configured in advance on the Admin Portal to take effect. Customers are advised take the easy steps to configure and activate the service immediately.

Another Easy Way to Keep Connected

As many employees do the day before an expected extreme weather event – they take their IP desk phones home. Since the cloud-hosted Vonage system is “plug and play,” users can take their office phones home, plug into high-speed Internet, and have the same phone system access they have back at the office.

Whether it’s a debilitating winter storm or hurricane conditions that keep your team away from the office, the good news is that you don’t have to miss calls. It’s the beauty of having a reliable hosted VoIP phone system.

Success Story Video: See how one customer “found a better way” with the Vonage system following a debilitating winter storm.

business phone systems: New Year 2015 ImageIt’s that unique time of year: first Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, now the holiday season.  While holiday shopping may be on the minds of most business owners now, many will overlook the ripe opportunity to do some business shopping. Yes, shopping for your own business – seeking smarter business tools that will put your company at an advantage come 2015.

In fact, if you’ve been thinking about a new business phone system, the weeks before the New Year can be the perfect time to make the switch to a hosted VoIP solution – especially since switching is easy and savings can be substantial. Here’s why now may be the best time to move your business phone system to the Vonage Cloud:

1) Start 2015 with a New Competitive Advantage

If your resolution is to improve business operations and serve customers better, why not start the year with a more capable phone system?  With over 40 Vonage business features, you’ll quickly enjoy the efficiency, mobility and overall ease of use.  Plus, it’s easy to switch to a business VoIP system since cloud-hosted systems like ours don’t require in-office installation. It’s simply plug and play.

2) Immediately Cut Business Expenses

It’s not often you can cut costs and actually get a better product. With the Vonage system, you can build fresh savings into your long-term budget. You’ll save at least 30% over traditional solutions*, month over month, and more when you consider the time-saving and task efficiencies that come with many of our VoIP business features.

3) Binding Contracts are So 2014!

What a relief it will be to start the New Year without a long-term contract that binds you to your business phone system.  Vonage Business believes you’re going to love your new business phone system. Plus, without the expensive “closetful of wires” that traditional providers require, there’s never a need for service visits. So why ask customers to sign an annual contract? Vonage doesn’t.

4) Get Acquainted with Your New System

Late in December, some businesses get to wind down a bit and/or employees take holiday time off.  So if you switch to a new phone system now, you’ll have some time to get to know the system before the New Year. Granted, systems like ours are easy to use – but we always recommend taking time to explore our calling features, sit in on a live Admin Portal Training session, and get familiar with our extensive Support Website. Right away, you’ll be able to set up users, configure your Virtual Receptionist and much more. And since you’ll have password-protected Admin Portal access to the system from anywhere, you can log in while you’re home for the holidays, on the weekend or whenever you have a spare moment.

5) Integrate Other Business Tools with the System

If you’re already using business tools like LinkedIn, or QuickBooks – consider integrating them with your new phone system with our Desktop Plugins, which enable real-time information about your callers to show on your computer screen with every call. Many plugins are free, such as Caller Location, Google Contacts, LinkedIn, Call History and Google Search. The holidays are a great time to explore each one and quickly activate your favorites.

6) Think Ahead to a Better Teleworking Program

By putting a Vonage business phone system in place now, you’ll have the advanced features that make teleworking a better choice for your business. So start thinking about 2015 enhancements to your work-from-home program now! With a plug-and-play system like ours, employees simply plug their office phone into their home Internet and connect seamlessly into the office phone system, with all the same features they enjoy back at the home office. Teleworkers can also use our Mobile Apps and mobile-friendly features such as Simultaneous Ring and Voicemail to Email.

7) Gear Up Your Sales Team

Get your on-the-go employees geared up for a more productive new year. That means Mobile Apps that give your teams access to the full office phone system wherever they are. And, all their calls will register on Caller ID as a call from the company, not their personal cell phones. Plus, there’s no need for your on-the-go pros to use their personal phone minutes when they’re doing business. So think ahead to more mobility and more productivity in 2015!

Why Wait? Shop Now!

Maybe you’re ready to make the move to a more productive, less expensive hosted VoIP phone system. If so, there’s no time like now to get a new system in place and rock in the new year. If you’re still shopping, we invite you to use our Business Phone Solution Buyers Guide to help you navigate the marketplace and find a system that’s right for you. Discover why so many businesses are enjoying the business efficiencies of hosted VoIP solutions. What are you waiting for?

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