As all business owners know, making savings where you can is one of the most crucial things you can do. However, cutting costs at the expense of successfully managing your business can actually do more harm than good. Fortunately, saving on your office phone system these days isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. By taking a look at technology such as cloud-hosted or VoIP service for your business phone needs, you can grab onto significant savings for your company. So where do you start?

Ditch That Copper-Wire Service.

One of the most traditional types of phone service is through copper-wire, and chances are this is the type of system you are already most familiar with. While these systems are considered fairly reliable, they also come with a host of drawbacks such as expensive equipment to purchase, technician set-up and call out fees and even a contract that can tie you down for several years. Most small to mid-sized businesses who opt for a copper-wire office phone system will likely find themselves with an enormous financial outlay, and very little chance of getting the customization that they require to run and grow their businesses.

Move to the Cloud.

Though the name might make you think it’s in the sky somewhere, cloud-hosted and VoIP systems are actually run via your high-speed internet. Providers, such as Vonage Business, host your office phone’s nerve center. This provides your business unrivaled access to new customizable features and dramatically reduced pricing.

Compare, Compare, Compare.

There are many VoIP office phone providers in the marketplace, but the quality of their products, customer support systems and pricing structures can vary. When you’re looking at the competition, ask yourself the following:

Q: What kind of contracts are required?
A: Vonage Business has no annual contracts. Ever.

Q: What features are included in the plan?
A: There are over 40+ standard features to help manage your business and increase your productivity with Vonage Business.

Q: What kind of international rates can be expected?
A: Vonage’s international rates are up to 75% lower than traditional carriers. Take a look at our rate calculator to find out more.

What about costs?

Cost might seem like the most important thing when searching for an office phone plan. However, it’s also essential to think of value alongside price. If targeting the lowest price means having to sacrifice top-notch customer and technical service or a less reliable business phone system, it could actually end up being detrimental to your bottom line.

If you’re ready to see how Vonage Business can help cut your business phone bills, simply fill out the form above and one of our friendly reps will call you.

When our customers first hear about our “no annual contracts” policy for our top-of-the-line business VoIP systems, it’s usually met with surprise. This is particularly true among customers who have been dealing with traditional copper-wire business phone solutions, which often require contracts that last at least a year or more. Expensive, lengthy contracts are business as usual for wire-based legacy systems. However, the cloud revolution has made the shackles of long contracts, expensive equipment and service call-outs a thing of the past. In short, the cloud is a business phone revolution.

Why No Annual Contracts?

We believe in our service and products.
When you sign up for your cloud-hosted service with Vonage Business, we know you’re going to love it. We want our customers to stick around because they’re delighted with what we provide, not because we’ve trapped them in a long-term contract.

Our features are top of the line.
We’ve built a second-to-none phone system that’s feature rich, making it easy for your company to grow and succeed. Even our most basic packages come with over 40+ mission-critical features. We’re always developing new and exciting features and plug-ins for our customers – all hosted in the Vonage Cloud.

Reliability is our specialty.
Keeping your business running and on target is a primary concern, particularly when it comes to your phone system. Vonage Business’ cloud-hosted business phone system is one of the most reliable in the industry. From bad weather to unexpected emergencies, not even an internet outage can keep you from fielding your customer’s calls quickly and efficiently.

Our customers save 30% or more on their bills.*
Many business phone service providers, at first glance, appear to offer great savings. However, oftentimes this is because they lock you into a lengthy, multi-year service contract.

Wondering why Vonage Business offers business VoIP services with no contracts? If you’re not happy with us, we don’t want to trap you into a huge commitment. It’s true – we offer no annual contract business VoIP that our 36,000+ customers use and love every single day. These thousands of business owners are working hard to build a business and we want to be their partner in success.

If you’re a small business, your options are often limited as compared to larger companies. Getting the latest technologies and the best tools are not always feasible for small businesses, and it’s sometimes difficult to stay afloat when you have a small budget and limited resources.

Thankfully, a VoIP telephone system is a practical approach in saving money. Additionally, it offers many other features – similar to that of a land line, but at a fraction of the cost. At Vonage Business, we make our VoIP telephone systems affordable because we understand the financial pinches that your small business encounters from time to time.

There are several benefits of our VoIP telephone system; it is our goal to open the lines of communication between you, your customers and your employees. Aside from the obvious advantage of being cost-effective, our systems are dependable and easy to use.

Reliable and Consistent

Our VoIP telephone systems from Vonage are among the most reliable in the industry. Our award winning service provides exceptional call clarity and quality.

Low Cost: No matter the size of the business, every company looks to save money. But small businesses especially benefit from saving dollars. At a low, monthly flat rate, you and your employees can enjoy unlimited nationwide calling.

Easy to Use: A VoIP telephone system is very similar to a traditional phone system, and the features are not difficult to use whatsoever. But unlike a traditional system, you can add on multiple lines as you need them just by getting more phones, there’s no hardware changes or system upgrades necessary.

Business Features: Similar to a land line, Vonage’s VoIP telephone systems have many features that your business can benefit from. These features are part of the package – you don’t pay extra for them – and they include Caller ID, Call Waiting, Conference Calling, Three-way Calling, Voicemail to Email, Virtual Receptionist, and much more.

VoIP Telephone systems also allow employees to work from anywhere, providing even more opportunities to save on overhead and commuting.

Vonage helps small business reduce costs on communications, and be more profitable as a result. You’ll have a business grade VoIP telephone system for the fraction of the cost of a traditional system, and with no discernible difference in quality.

So, why not get a free quote today to see how much you can be saving when you switch to a VoIP telephone system with Vonage?

In a troubled economy, it seems small companies often take the biggest hit. Vonage Business is determined to help keep them afloat by offering affordable telephone systems for small business. Less expensive than traditional land lines, our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is the smart way to communicate.

Low Cost, Low Overhead

It’s important to choose a phone service that caters to your company’s individual needs – Vonage understands that. Our VoIP consultants listen to your small business needs and help you customize a plan that is best for you. Offering telephone systems for small business that operate over the Internet, as VoIP technology is far more cost-efficient and flexible than traditional phone lines.

Many traditional phone systems require expensive equipment (and lots of it). In fact, some companies have to reserve a separate office just to host it. At Vonage, we host the equipment for you in the cloud, so you don’t have to bother with tangled wires and bulky machinery, or the cost of buying and maintaining physical equipment. All of the features of your phone system are delivered over your Internet connection. This means that upgrades to your phone system happen automatically, and changing your account is quick and easy from a user-friendly web portal.

Mobility Advantage

Vonage understands the importance of business travel. Aside from being feasible for your budget, our telephone systems for small business are flexible for your work needs. Customers love the plug-and-play aspect of VoIP technology. Simply plug your phone into an internet connection and your office phone is up and running … no matter where you are in the world, as long as there is a broadband connection. Your phone accesses your phone system via the cloud, and delivers all your phone system features seamlessly, as if you were in the office.

Business-Class Features

Our VoIP phones include business-friendly features – much like features found on a traditional phone system for a Fortune 500 company; however, you only pay a low monthly flat rate, for unlimited calling, and all the features you need are included at no extra charge. Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, call hold and call transfer are just a few of the basic features.

Telephone systems for small business don’t have to be expensive and cumbersome, thanks to cloud PBX systems from Vonage. Your business can benefit from big savings and increased functionality by harnessing the power and flexibility of a cloud phone system. Ready to learn more? Fill out the form on the left and a helpful VoIP agent will be in touch shortly!

ReliabilityIf you were born before the invention of cell phones, then it’s likely you remember the high price tag of long-distance calling and the unpredictability of a traditional phone bill. These days, land lines are becoming increasingly sparse, and cell phones have certainly made long-distance calling much more cost-efficient. Unfortunately, conducting business calls over a cellphone while you’re at the office can restrict calling functionality. Thankfully, VoIP is changing the way we view business communication.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a process whereby analog audio signals are converted into digital data that is sent out via the Internet. At Vonage Business, our business IP phone system utilizes your connection to the Internet and allows you to make phone calls from a desk phone, just as you normally would. The difference is you don’t have to pay high long distance calling fees. What’s more, our VoIP software is continually updated and improved to ensure you get the best service and connection possible.

Why You’ll Love It

We get excited about our business IP phone systems. Why? Because our innovative technology has the capacity to revise all small business phone systems around the globe as we know them. It’s that groundbreaking. Vonage Business is constantly improving our service offering, and using improvements in technology to further unify your communications. Vonage’s new Desktop feature allows you to instantly see information about a caller collected from the Internet when your phone starts ringing.

How Does It Benefit My Business?

The standard phone system served its purpose years ago, but with the introduction VoIP, it’s likely that land lines will eventually be weeded out. Some of the advantages of a VoIP phone include the following:

  • A business IP phone system is much more cost-effective than traditional phone systems.
  • An IP phone can be plugged in and a call can be placed anyplace where there is a broadband connection, allowing you to work from anywhere.
  • Unlike most traditional phone companies, our systems contain features that are included in your low monthly rate.
  • A VoIP phone allows you to check your voicemail messages over the Internet or attach them in an email.

Are you ready to find out more about how Vonage Business can bring the power of VoIP to your business? Fill out the form above, or call one of our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople at 1-877-862-2562 today. If you’d like more information on joining the VoIP revolution, you can also take a look at our Buyer’s Guide.

Business phone system: Entrepreneur at startup companyWhether you’re just starting up your business or are a long-standing player in your industry, getting your phone system right is an essential element to your success. Not only is it key for employee communication, but it’s also a customer’s direct route to interacting with your business. When it comes to giving your company a competitive edge, a digital phone system can truly be the most efficient and economical answer.

How Does It Work?

You may have heard terms such as VoIP, cloud-based phones or read about the concept of digital phone systems – but what does it all mean? Essentially, Vonage Business uses the power and speed of the Internet to create a reliable and effective phone network. By hosting the system in the cloud, your business has the opportunity to enable features that were never before possible.

Future-Proofing Your Business

A reliable phone service in your business is key – but a software solution that only improves with time is even better. While Vonage Business comes pre-loaded with over 40 mission-critical features to help you manage your calls professionally and effectively, you’ll have access to the latest updates and features as they’re released through the Vonage Cloud. It’s a smart solution for the ever-changing business landscape.

Making the Switch

Though going digital does involve cutting edge technology, making the jump to our digital phone system couldn’t be easier. Vonage Business’ plug and play systems mean you can be up and running before a traditional copper-wire provider could have dispatched a technician. Additionally, as your business grows, your phone system can grow with it – all easily managed through virtually. No need for expensive equipment or delays to your business.

To find out more about what Vonage Business can do for you, fill out the form for a no-hassle quote or call 1-877-862-2562 to speak to a representative.

No doubt, many business owners making the switch to a business VoIP phone system are asking themselves: What took me so long?

After all, most are seeing immediate and eye-popping monthly savings. And the crystal-clear connections and hassle-free efficiency of VoIP are certainly refreshing – not to mention the freedom of leaving behind that closet-full of wires required by their old legacy phone system.

While new VoIP customers may love their phone system, many have yet to discover the advanced features that can bring them new and profound business advantages. This wealth of agile VoIP phone system features is so intuitive and easy to build into daily business operations, it’s a shame not to.

The fact is: If you’ve switched to a state-of-the-art business VoIP provider – you’ve now got features and capabilities at your fingertips that your legacy phone system just wasn’t built to support.  It’s a brave new world to be leveraged!

So let’s take a look at five of the top features your new VoIP system delivers right now. And more importantly, let’s talk about digging in and utilizing these features as soon as possible:

Call Continuity

Perhaps nothing keeps executives and IT managers up at night like the thought of extended downtime. That’s what Call Continuity is all about – maintaining service through unforeseen events such as a power outage or a disruption in Internet service. With Call Continuity, the system detects such events and automatically reroutes calls to pre-specified numbers for each extension (including cell numbers, if preferred). When the event is over, normal routing is automatically reinstated. While Call Continuity is comforting, the feature is not fully enabled until backup numbers are set within the system’s admin portal.  It’s an easy setting that your company should get to immediately.

Dynamic Caller ID

The Dynamic Caller ID feature allows you to present a phone number of your choosing for outbound caller ID. Want to be sure a client recognizes your number even if you are calling from a different department inside your office? Maybe you want your number to appear local even though you’re making a cross-country call. No problem! Just assign a code for each of your numbers then use that code to select the one you want displayed during your outgoing call.

Mobile Application

With a leading-edge Mobile App, your mobile device is an extension of every tool you have at your disposal in the office. It’s an invaluable feature for companies with active remote workforces, or for any day an employee is unable to make it into the office. The mobile app provides the full functionality of your desktop in your pocket wherever you go, so you can listen to your company phone voicemail or check your extension’s call log, as well as perform numerous other important tasks while you’re on the go. It’s a transparent feature, so no one you speak to is aware you’re not in the office.

Call Monitoring

With this feature, you can help train or coach employees by monitoring calls for quality purposes and reviewing performance. With a secret PIN, you ensure only the employees you pre-select can use the Call Monitoring feature. You also have the option to use a customized legal announcement configured from your account portal. While employees are on calls, the administrators you select can:

  • Monitor an employee’s call. You’ll be muted so that neither party can hear you.
  • Whisper to employees to help them handle a challenging call. Only your employee can hear you with this feature.
  • Barge, or jump in mid-call to assist both parties. 

Desktop Plugins

A desktop application integrates your business VoIP phone system with your computer desktop – giving you more control and power than ever. The Desktop also supports a series of powerful Plugins that help you leverage the business-class tools you already use – such as LinkedIn,, Quickbooks, Outlook and more.  When you download the Desktop and begin using your favorite Plugins, many of which are free, you’ll gain incredible insight into each incoming and outgoing phone call. It’s the kind of productivity that wasn’t possible with your old legacy phone system. But now it is!

Small to medium-sized businesses continue to look for competitive advantages, which is why so many opt for top-quality business VoIP phone systems. But once the system is in place, it’s worth your time to discover the many features you now have – built in and ready to go – that will help your organization compete and win.

Did we leave out any of your favorite business VoIP features? Let us know!

Call Continuity

Uninterrupted business phone service through any emergency.


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This feature lets you seamlessly change the presentation of your Caller ID with the simple click of a few digits on your phone.

Dynamic_Caller_IDThe popularity of our Dynamic Caller ID feature is a reflection of how many modern business owners conduct operations. In some cases, they’re relying on one phone system to support multiple businesses – so the ability to switch from one business presence to another is a huge efficiency. Other businesses operate in multiple states, and this service allows employees in a different locations to project a local presence to the people they call.

The “dynamic” aspect of this feature is the ease of switching from one outbound number to another by entering a simple code combination on the phone. Users can switch to any number on the account and switch back just as easily. As a result, the people you call get a more personal experience, and you gain more professional flexibility. In some cases, you may find that those who normally screen calls will answer yours.

How It Works:

Once your account Administrator assigns a code to the numbers on your account, users on the account can switch back and forth from number to number when making outbound calls – using just a few digits on the phone. This feature is extremely easy to use, but callers can only switch to other numbers within their Vonage account.

Why You’ll Like It:

  • Present the number from your account that is most appropriate for the call.
  • Represent multiple businesses on the same phone system.
  • Give the appearance of a local business in other markets.
  • Let your business appear more personal and professional to those you call.

Get Started

This is one of the easier features for account Administrators to set up on the Admin Portal. Online “how-to” support resources are available if needed, as are our Customer Care representatives.

This feature provides options for setting Caller ID numbers – and if preferred, alpha-numeric names – that appear on outbound calls for each extension.

Set Caller ID allows your business to choose how to represent itself through outbound Caller ID for each extension. Because every company does business differently, we offer several customization options:

  • Display one number for all extensions.
  • Set each extension to show any number from the account you prefer.
  • Choose to display nothing at all.
  • Program an alpha-numeric name, or company name, to appear along with the telephone number. (Requires assistance from Customer Care.)

This feature has some similarities to our Dynamic Caller ID, which allows each user to set Caller ID via a special dialing code. Set Caller ID, however, is configured in advance on the Admin Portal by the company’s administrator.

How It Works

For all outbound calls from the company, recipients see the exact Caller ID set on the Admin Portal by the company administrator.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Dictate exactly what call recipients see as your outbound Caller ID.
  • Customize outbound Caller ID for each extension with any number from your account.
  • Select a name or business name to appear instead of a number. (Customer Care assistance is required for this option.)
  • Distinguish departments or even multiple businesses run from the same account.

Get Started

Set Caller ID is easily configured by the company’s administrator, who designates which number from the account will appear on outbound Caller ID for each extension. Should you prefer to set a Caller ID name, instead of a number, simply call Customer Care for assistance.

Using either your phone’s keypad or the Vonage Business online user interface, block your outbound caller ID. Those you call will see “Unavailable” or “Blocked” rather than your business name and phone number.