Call Park is a transfer service that allows you to “park” a call in a “spot” and have the call retrieved by another extension on the account.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Take a call on one extension.
  • Park it.
  • Pick it up on another extension.

Usage in Your Phone System

Vonage Business provides many free features to enhance your business communications. Call Transfer is a convenient feature that we’ve had for a while, but many customers requested the ability to simply park a call, rather than transfer it to a specific extension. Call Park is the result of customer requests, and Vonage’s development team’s efforts to cater to our customers’ needs.

Who Can Benefit from Call Park?

Call Park works well for businesses that have departments that share calling responsibilities. When any particular member of a team is capable of handling a particular request or concern, Call Park allows your company to better distribute those calls. Rather than transferring the call to a specific individual who may or may not be available, Call Park enables any team member that is available to take the call.