As all business owners know, making savings where you can is one of the most crucial things you can do. However, cutting costs at the expense of successfully managing your business can actually do more harm than good. Fortunately, saving on your office phone system these days isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. By taking a look at technology such as cloud-hosted or VoIP service for your business phone needs, you can grab onto significant savings for your company. So where do you start?

Ditch That Copper-Wire Service.

One of the most traditional types of phone service is through copper-wire, and chances are this is the type of system you are already most familiar with. While these systems are considered fairly reliable, they also come with a host of drawbacks such as expensive equipment to purchase, technician set-up and call out fees and even a contract that can tie you down for several years. Most small to mid-sized businesses who opt for a copper-wire office phone system will likely find themselves with an enormous financial outlay, and very little chance of getting the customization that they require to run and grow their businesses.

Move to the Cloud.

Though the name might make you think it’s in the sky somewhere, cloud-hosted and VoIP systems are actually run via your high-speed internet. Providers, such as Vonage Business, host your office phone’s nerve center. This provides your business unrivaled access to new customizable features and dramatically reduced pricing.

Compare, Compare, Compare.

There are many VoIP office phone providers in the marketplace, but the quality of their products, customer support systems and pricing structures can vary. When you’re looking at the competition, ask yourself the following:

Q: What kind of contracts are required?
A: Vonage Business has no annual contracts. Ever.

Q: What features are included in the plan?
A: There are over 40+ standard features to help manage your business and increase your productivity with Vonage Business.

Q: What kind of international rates can be expected?
A: Vonage’s international rates are up to 75% lower than traditional carriers. Take a look at our rate calculator to find out more.

What about costs?

Cost might seem like the most important thing when searching for an office phone plan. However, it’s also essential to think of value alongside price. If targeting the lowest price means having to sacrifice top-notch customer and technical service or a less reliable business phone system, it could actually end up being detrimental to your bottom line.

If you’re ready to see how Vonage Business can help cut your business phone bills, simply fill out the form above and one of our friendly reps will call you.

When our customers first hear about our “no annual contracts” policy for our top-of-the-line business VoIP systems, it’s usually met with surprise. This is particularly true among customers who have been dealing with traditional copper-wire business phone solutions, which often require contracts that last at least a year or more. Expensive, lengthy contracts are business as usual for wire-based legacy systems. However, the cloud revolution has made the shackles of long contracts, expensive equipment and service call-outs a thing of the past. In short, the cloud is a business phone revolution.

Why No Annual Contracts?

We believe in our service and products.
When you sign up for your cloud-hosted service with Vonage Business, we know you’re going to love it. We want our customers to stick around because they’re delighted with what we provide, not because we’ve trapped them in a long-term contract.

Our features are top of the line.
We’ve built a second-to-none phone system that’s feature rich, making it easy for your company to grow and succeed. Even our most basic packages come with over 40+ mission-critical features. We’re always developing new and exciting features and plug-ins for our customers – all hosted in the Vonage Cloud.

Reliability is our specialty.
Keeping your business running and on target is a primary concern, particularly when it comes to your phone system. Vonage Business’ cloud-hosted business phone system is one of the most reliable in the industry. From bad weather to unexpected emergencies, not even an internet outage can keep you from fielding your customer’s calls quickly and efficiently.

Our customers save 30% or more on their bills.*
Many business phone service providers, at first glance, appear to offer great savings. However, oftentimes this is because they lock you into a lengthy, multi-year service contract.

Wondering why Vonage Business offers business VoIP services with no contracts? If you’re not happy with us, we don’t want to trap you into a huge commitment. It’s true – we offer no annual contract business VoIP that our 36,000+ customers use and love every single day. These thousands of business owners are working hard to build a business and we want to be their partner in success.

Starting a small business is no easy task. In addition to staying within budget, comparing prices on products and services is a must. At Vonage Business, we understand the challenges that small businesses face, which is why we cater exclusively to them. Our small business phone systems are reliable and full of powerful business features.

Known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service, our phone services are ideal for any business looking to cut down on expenses, without losing quality. The difference between our phones and traditional land lines is that ours operate via your company’s broadband connection, instead of copper phone lines. The difference is that phone service is delivered to you digitally, rather than electronically.

Imagine being able to use your office phone virtually anywhere around the world. Vonage’s small business phone services have turned that vision into a reality. No more long distance charges and no more additional fees for extra features. Vonage charges a low, flat rate every month, so you know how to budget and what to expect.

Included Features:

The Admin Portal gives administrators complete control over their system, and gives end users control over their own individual telephone extension. The Web Portal is password protected, and Administrators login to a system-wide view of their account. Features and extensions can be administered quickly and easily from the portal. Employees get their own User Interface Web Portal that controls their own extension only. Employees can update voicemail settings, call forwarding settings, and view call history.

Voicemail to Email is one of our most popular features and is included with every one of our small business phone systems at no extra charge. Checking your voicemail with this feature doesn’t even require access to a telephone. Each user can set the email address where voicemails should be sent. Then Vonage sends an mp3 or WAV file attachment to the email address, so that the user can listen to the voicemail from his or her computer.

The Virtual Receptionist is a very powerful and professional feature that can make an impression on your callers before you even answer the telephone. The Virtual Receptionist is the phone menu for your system, and can answer calls and prompt callers with which extension to dial to reach a certain party or get certain information. You can customize your Virtual Receptionist to fit your company, and Vonage customers use it in a variety of ways. Companies can record and upload their own greetings or we can record them for you. You can set the feature to ring call groups for departments, go to individuals, give information such as hours of operation and directions, and inform callers of new services and products. This feature is available for all Vonage Business accounts, and even small companies with only a few employees can take advantage of the professionalism this feature presents to customers.

Call Logs are an important feature for many businesses, in order to track phone usage, and for client billing purposes. Vonage’s business phone systems make call logs easy to access from the administrator web portal. The Call log gives you a report on the monthly call history on your system.

The Dashboard is a live view of your entire telephone system. Account administrators can determine who has access to the dashboard. With the Dashboard you get a live view of every extension in the system; what extensions are in use, what number they are on call with, and the duration of the call. Extension to extension calls can be made directly from the Dashboard, by simply clicking on an extension.

The Mobile App is available for Droid and Iphone smart phones. It allows administrators to manage their Vonage system from anywhere. They can view the Dashboard, change call forwarding settings, check voicemail and more. The Mobile App is just one more way that Vonage makes your business telephone more flexible.

With Vonage’s small business phone systems, we match the features of a Fortune 500 phone system, but without the high price tag. We don’t sell our phone services to larger corporations or residences – your small business is our primary focus.

ReliabilityIf you were born before the invention of cell phones, then it’s likely you remember the high price tag of long-distance calling and the unpredictability of a traditional phone bill. These days, land lines are becoming increasingly sparse, and cell phones have certainly made long-distance calling much more cost-efficient. Unfortunately, conducting business calls over a cellphone while you’re at the office can restrict calling functionality. Thankfully, VoIP is changing the way we view business communication.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a process whereby analog audio signals are converted into digital data that is sent out via the Internet. At Vonage Business, our business IP phone system utilizes your connection to the Internet and allows you to make phone calls from a desk phone, just as you normally would. The difference is you don’t have to pay high long distance calling fees. What’s more, our VoIP software is continually updated and improved to ensure you get the best service and connection possible.

Why You’ll Love It

We get excited about our business IP phone systems. Why? Because our innovative technology has the capacity to revise all small business phone systems around the globe as we know them. It’s that groundbreaking. Vonage Business is constantly improving our service offering, and using improvements in technology to further unify your communications. Vonage’s new Desktop feature allows you to instantly see information about a caller collected from the Internet when your phone starts ringing.

How Does It Benefit My Business?

The standard phone system served its purpose years ago, but with the introduction VoIP, it’s likely that land lines will eventually be weeded out. Some of the advantages of a VoIP phone include the following:

  • A business IP phone system is much more cost-effective than traditional phone systems.
  • An IP phone can be plugged in and a call can be placed anyplace where there is a broadband connection, allowing you to work from anywhere.
  • Unlike most traditional phone companies, our systems contain features that are included in your low monthly rate.
  • A VoIP phone allows you to check your voicemail messages over the Internet or attach them in an email.

Are you ready to find out more about how Vonage Business can bring the power of VoIP to your business? Fill out the form above, or call one of our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople at 1-877-862-2562 today. If you’d like more information on joining the VoIP revolution, you can also take a look at our Buyer’s Guide.

Business phone system: Entrepreneur at startup companyWhether you’re just starting up your business or are a long-standing player in your industry, getting your phone system right is an essential element to your success. Not only is it key for employee communication, but it’s also a customer’s direct route to interacting with your business. When it comes to giving your company a competitive edge, a digital phone system can truly be the most efficient and economical answer.

How Does It Work?

You may have heard terms such as VoIP, cloud-based phones or read about the concept of digital phone systems – but what does it all mean? Essentially, Vonage Business uses the power and speed of the Internet to create a reliable and effective phone network. By hosting the system in the cloud, your business has the opportunity to enable features that were never before possible.

Future-Proofing Your Business

A reliable phone service in your business is key – but a software solution that only improves with time is even better. While Vonage Business comes pre-loaded with over 40 mission-critical features to help you manage your calls professionally and effectively, you’ll have access to the latest updates and features as they’re released through the Vonage Cloud. It’s a smart solution for the ever-changing business landscape.

Making the Switch

Though going digital does involve cutting edge technology, making the jump to our digital phone system couldn’t be easier. Vonage Business’ plug and play systems mean you can be up and running before a traditional copper-wire provider could have dispatched a technician. Additionally, as your business grows, your phone system can grow with it – all easily managed through virtually. No need for expensive equipment or delays to your business.

To find out more about what Vonage Business can do for you, fill out the form for a no-hassle quote or call 1-877-862-2562 to speak to a representative.

Call Logs on the Vonage system allow access to detailed call records by extension or account. You can run these custom reports on call activity simply by logging into your Administrator Portal.

How Do I Use Call Logs?

  • Set a start date and an end date for your report query.
  • Set a start time and an end time.
  • Run the report, and either print, save as a PDF or export as an Excel document.

When Would I Use Call Logs?

Our customers typically use call logs to view the direction of a call to a business, call activity from a business, additional rates for international calling, and the duration of a call. It’s a great way to make sure that your phones are being used appropriately or to just see what phones have a higher volume than others.

Many customers have used call logs as a barometer to gauge whether they need to add additional staff to their workforce to handle growing call loads or to justify purchasing an executive-level phone to accommodate the growing needs of a business.

Call_Recording-Company_WideOur Company-Wide Call Recording feature allows company management to set the recording parameters they choose across the account. Companies often use this feature to verify details of important conversations or to coach employees on how to improve interactions with customers. On-Demand Call Recording is also available for individual users on the phone system – but this company-wide feature is much more robust and can only be accessed by administrators. Recordings are captured on the Admin Portal for easy access and distribution, and the feature comes with 500 hours of online recording space.

A hallmark of the feature is the ease of setting “rules” for recording within the Rule Wizard. For example, you might capture 70% of calls on Tuesday. Perhaps you wish to record call activity on just two of your extensions. Or, you might choose to record all call activity. It’s up to you. As you approach your 500-hour limit, the system automatically notifies you. To make room for more recordings, simply download and delete the recordings you don’t want to archive. Additional blocks of 250 hours may be purchased for $19.99.

How It Works

Administrators and Super Users on the system control the feature and set the rules for recording. Once rules are set, recording is automatic and resulting recordings are available on the Admin Portal for playback, downloading and even forwarding by email. As an added convenience, recordings can be clicked on and listened to within the system’s Call Log reports.

Why You’ll Like It:

  • Administrators and Super Users set recording parameters in the Admin Portal.
  • Recordings can help management train employees and evaluate performance.
  • Keeping important conversations on file can help protect the organization.
  • Comes with 500 hours of storage; additional hours can be purchased.
  • Files of recordings are easily accessed and can be shared via email.
  • Free download utility allows fast download of all recordings if needed.
  • Can be bundled with Call Monitoring feature for discounted pricing

The feature also allows the addition of your own message acknowledging that the call is being recorded, if required by state or other regulations.*

Get Started

Administrators and Super Users can set up the feature on the Admin Portal, but we recommend letting one of our Customer Care representatives walk you through setting up rules for the first time. Pair this feature with Call Monitoring, and you’ll receive half off the $49.99 Call Monitoring feature.

*It is the responsibility of the customer using this feature to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws including, where required, obtaining consent from all parties on the call.

Call_Recording-On_DemandThe On-Demand Call Recording feature lets employees decide when to record important calls. It’s particularly useful when you need to verify the details of a conversation – such as pricing and delivery dates – or when it’s essential that you capture accurate notes. Plus, since the recording is conveniently accessible on your User Portal, you can play recordings back any time or forward the recording file by email.

On-Demand Call Recording is available on an extension-by-extension basis and gives employees exclusive access to the recordings they capture. Need more options and recording time? Take a look at our Company-Wide Call Recording feature, which is managed by the company’s administrator on the Admin Portal.

How it Works

Users with this feature on their extension can quickly start and stop a recording by clicking two keys on their phone – or they can set it to record all calls. Once the recording is captured, it’s accessible on the employee’s password-protected User Portal. The feature also works with our Mobile App.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Allows calls to be recorded at will on the employee’s extension.
  • Enables users to verify facts and details discussed within the recorded call.
  • Provides 15 hours of online storage; user is notified when limit approaches.
  • Lets users organize, manage and delete recordings on their User Portal.
  • Works with our Mobile App for call recording convenience on the go.
  • Allows addition of your own message acknowledging that the call is being recording (if required by state or local regulations).

Get Started

This feature can easily be added to as many extensions as you like through the Admin Portal. Or, you can call a Customer Care representative to assist. Your IP phones will automatically work with the feature as soon as it’s added.

Call Monitoring is a useful tool that Vocalocity rolled out earlier this year. It provides the ability to listen in on calls, “whisper” to the user being monitored, and also “barge” into the call so both the monitored user and the third-party can hear the supervisor monitoring.

Many companies think this feature is the secret to their growth, and we definitely can’t argue. Did you know that with Vocalocity Call Monitoring, not only can you monitor the growth of your employees’ social interactions but you can also keep records of calls by exporting call monitoring logs?

The ability to search by specific event type, event date, user name and monitored user is even customizable before a log is exported. It’s just one of the features that come standard on the Call Monitoring add-on.

How to Export Data from Call Monitoring

  1. Log into your account at
  2. After clicking the “Phone Systems” icon at the top of the page, click “Call Monitoring” on the left-hand navigation bar.
  3. Scroll down to the “Audit Log” at the bottom of the page and type in your search criteria.
  4. Click “Run Search.”
  5. After the search has completed, click the “Export to Excel” button and a new window will appear asking you to open the Excel file.
  6. Click “Ok” and your Excel document listing your desired search results will open.

Now you can keep records of monitored calls, track sessions for training purposes, and observe daily traffic. Vocalocity Call Monitoring is a secure feature that uses PIN numbers to ensure that only approved users can monitor calls, which means you are always in control. The ability to export the Audit Log is just one more step to manage and protect your business interactions.

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