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The June 1 start of Hurricane Season may get more attention among business owners on the coast than those in the Midwest. But any business that has experienced extended downtime and lost productivity due to an emergency appreciates the need to be prepared.

If your company has the Vonage business phone system, we recommend using this date as a reminder to configure your free Call Continuity feature to reroute calls in the event of a power outage or loss of Internet. 

During such an emergency, our patent-pending Call Continuity service can be invaluable for maintaining connection with your customers, suppliers and employees. Once configured, the service automatically detects a loss of phone connectivity – and immediately reroutes calls to a pre-specified cell phone or other backup number. And once your Internet and/or power is restored, routing through your normal extension is automatically reinstated.

IMPORTANT: While Call Continuity can be vital in the event of an emergency, it must be configured in advance to take effect. Therefore, we strongly recommend customers take the easy steps to configure and activate the service immediately.

3 Easy Steps to Configure Call Continuity

To configure Call Continuity settings, the company’s Account Adminstrator can log into your Admin Portal and follow these basic steps:

  • STEP 1: Click “Phone System“ icon atop the page, then “Phone Numbers” in the left-hand navigation bar. (Select numbers you’d like to update.)
  • STEP 2: From the “Select Action” drop-down list, select “Update Call Continuity Service.”
  • STEP 3: Enter your preferred 10-digit backup phone number, and click “Update.”  (This number will then appear on the “Phone Numbers” page.)

Complete instructions for configuring the service can be found on our Support Website, where customers may also access a short how-to video and Call Continuity Service Guide. Vonage recommends backing up the company’s main number and any published numbers, and customers may choose to designate backup numbers for every extension on the account.

End users may also configure Call Continuity settings by logging into the End User Portal and clicking on the “Settings” icon. Then, under the “Extension Settings” tab,  enter your backup number in the space labeled “Call Continuity Service”and click “Save” at the bottom.

The fact is that power outages do happen from time to time, and your Internet can go down due to an Internet service provider issue. Call Continuity is designed to keep your business up and running no matter what obstacles come your way. But it must be configured in advance to benefit your business.  Why not do it today?

To learn how this service can benefit your business, call 1-844-324-0340

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Aaron oversees all marketing and product management activities for the company and is an accomplished executive with deep technology marketing experience. He has a proven track record in lead generation, planning and product management, qualitative and quantitative research, search engine optimization, and creative collateral development.

No doubt, many business owners making the switch to a business VoIP phone system are asking themselves: What took me so long?

After all, most are seeing immediate and eye-popping monthly savings. And the crystal-clear connections and hassle-free efficiency of VoIP are certainly refreshing – not to mention the freedom of leaving behind that closet-full of wires required by their old legacy phone system.

While new VoIP customers may love their phone system, many have yet to discover the advanced features that can bring them new and profound business advantages. This wealth of agile VoIP phone system features is so intuitive and easy to build into daily business operations, it’s a shame not to.

The fact is: If you’ve switched to a state-of-the-art business VoIP provider – you’ve now got features and capabilities at your fingertips that your legacy phone system just wasn’t built to support.  It’s a brave new world to be leveraged!

So let’s take a look at five of the top features your new VoIP system delivers right now. And more importantly, let’s talk about digging in and utilizing these features as soon as possible:

Call Continuity

Perhaps nothing keeps executives and IT managers up at night like the thought of extended downtime. That’s what Call Continuity is all about – maintaining service through unforeseen events such as a power outage or a disruption in Internet service. With Call Continuity, the system detects such events and automatically reroutes calls to pre-specified numbers for each extension (including cell numbers, if preferred). When the event is over, normal routing is automatically reinstated. While Call Continuity is comforting, the feature is not fully enabled until backup numbers are set within the system’s admin portal.  It’s an easy setting that your company should get to immediately.

Dynamic Caller ID

The Dynamic Caller ID feature allows you to present a phone number of your choosing for outbound caller ID. Want to be sure a client recognizes your number even if you are calling from a different department inside your office? Maybe you want your number to appear local even though you’re making a cross-country call. No problem! Just assign a code for each of your numbers then use that code to select the one you want displayed during your outgoing call.

Mobile Application

With a leading-edge Mobile App, your mobile device is an extension of every tool you have at your disposal in the office. It’s an invaluable feature for companies with active remote workforces, or for any day an employee is unable to make it into the office. The mobile app provides the full functionality of your desktop in your pocket wherever you go, so you can listen to your company phone voicemail or check your extension’s call log, as well as perform numerous other important tasks while you’re on the go. It’s a transparent feature, so no one you speak to is aware you’re not in the office.

Call Monitoring

With this feature, you can help train or coach employees by monitoring calls for quality purposes and reviewing performance. With a secret PIN, you ensure only the employees you pre-select can use the Call Monitoring feature. You also have the option to use a customized legal announcement configured from your account portal. While employees are on calls, the administrators you select can:

  • Monitor an employee’s call. You’ll be muted so that neither party can hear you.
  • Whisper to employees to help them handle a challenging call. Only your employee can hear you with this feature.
  • Barge, or jump in mid-call to assist both parties. 

Desktop Plugins

A desktop application integrates your business VoIP phone system with your computer desktop – giving you more control and power than ever. The Desktop also supports a series of powerful Plugins that help you leverage the business-class tools you already use – such as LinkedIn,, Quickbooks, Outlook and more.  When you download the Desktop and begin using your favorite Plugins, many of which are free, you’ll gain incredible insight into each incoming and outgoing phone call. It’s the kind of productivity that wasn’t possible with your old legacy phone system. But now it is!

Small to medium-sized businesses continue to look for competitive advantages, which is why so many opt for top-quality business VoIP phone systems. But once the system is in place, it’s worth your time to discover the many features you now have – built in and ready to go – that will help your organization compete and win.

Did we leave out any of your favorite business VoIP features? Let us know!

Call Continuity

Uninterrupted business phone service through any emergency.


About Aaron Charlesworth

Aaron oversees all marketing and product management activities for the company and is an accomplished executive with deep technology marketing experience. He has a proven track record in lead generation, planning and product management, qualitative and quantitative research, search engine optimization, and creative collateral development.

In the event of an emergency during which Vonage Business is unable to route calls to your Vonage phones, our call Continuity Service will reroute your calls to a backup number of your choice.

Additionally, Call Continuity Service has been enhanced to detect when your phone loses its connection with Vonage. If you experience a local emergency such as a power or Internet outage, Vonage will reroute your calls to a specified backup number. It is very important that you configure this feature at your earliest convenience.

How Do I Get Call Continuity?

The good news is that this critical service is FREE for all Vonage Business customers. Existing customers simply need to log into their Admin Portal and configure their settings to update Call Continuity Service with a phone number of their choice.

And if you update the Call Continuity Service from an extension page – such as a service or sales department extension – the system will automatically update the backup number for all direct dial numbers associated with that extension.

Why is This Important?

Power outages happen, and sometimes your Internet connection goes down because of an ISP provider issue. In these events, you don’t want to have your business communications compromised, which is why our team developed this important feature to keep your business up and running no matter what obstacles come your way.

This is a patented Vonage feature. View patent information.

To learn more about how this can benefit your business, call us today at 1-844-324-0340.
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The northeastern United States is preparing for yet another major storm, and we wanted to remind customers about some quick and easy things they can do to prepare their small business telephone service for maximum uptime.

As you may recall from our post during Hurricane Sandy, there are a number of features and options you can modify to keep your phone system up and running – even if your Internet goes down.

We used these settings to keep our entire office operational during the Atlanta snow and ice storm of 2011, and our customers have used these included features to keep their offices running during storms, illness or travel. Whatever’s keeping you away from the office, we have a way to keep you connected.

Top 6 Features to Stay Connected When Out of the Office for an Emergency

Plug and Play Phones: It’s easy to take your phones home with you. Just unplug your phone from your desk and plug it back in to an Internet jack and power source at home.

Call Continuity: What if your Internet is down? In this case, VoIP calls won’t work but you can configure your system to forward all business calls to your cell phone. Just remember, you must set up Call Continuity from your Admin Portal for it to work – be sure to do this while you still have power and access to the Internet.

Vocalocity Mobile: Current customers can download the free Vocalocity Mobile app from iTunes or the App Store for iPhone and Android. It acts as a softphone, enabling you to make outbound calls that look like they’re coming from your deskphone so you can maintain an office appearance. You can also access Never Miss a Call Settings, view your entire employee directory, access voicemails and record custom Out of Office messages.

Virtual Receptionist Greetings: You can change your Virtual Receptionist greetings from the Admin Portal to notify callers of office closures, delays or any other important news. Just log in to the Admin Portal and follow the directions on how to record or upload a greeting from our Support page.

Never Miss a Call: If you’re at the hardware store buying salt to keep your office stairs and walkway safe, but don’t want to miss an important sales call, consider enabling the Never Miss a Call settings. You can configure your desk phone to forward calls to your cell phone, designate a simultaneous ring, and customize a Find Me / Follow me setting to ring several phones.

E911: Link your physical phone to an address so that emergency responders can better find you in the event of an emergency. Learn how to set up E911 with our Support article.

Other Reminders:

  • Our Support Portal is your 24/7 resource for help articles about system settings or configurations
  • If you have a question, our Support team is ready to help you at 1-866-901-0242
  • Follow us on Twitter for service updates, and remember that is updated with major system news
  • It’s always a good idea to have a phone list of employees’ personal cell phone numbers and emails so you can communicate office closures or late openings
  • Make your Admin Portal changes while you still have Internet access, in case you lose power
  • While you CAN access the Admin Portal and User Portal from your smartphone or tablet, conserve battery power in case you need to use your cell phone for emergencies

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Dave is a content strategist and writer at Vonage Business Solutions, working with teams across the company to build communication programs that enable our customers and assist our prospects. He enjoys living in Atlanta and is an avid gardener, restaurant enthusiast and live music fan.

As Hurricane Sandy churns up the East Coast, we here in Atlanta are thinking of our friends, family and customers who may be impacted by this dangerous storm. With high winds, driving rain and even the chance of deep snow, we encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions to help ensure you, as well as your families and employees remain safe.

If during this time you need to keep your business running even though you can’t get to the office, we’ve listed a few tips that may help.

Plug and Play Cloud VoIP Technology

All of our phones are plug and play, meaning that you can just unplug your phone from your regular office and take it home with you. Just plug it in to your home Internet jack and maintain the same professional appearance from the safety of your home.

Call Continuity Service

If the power goes out or your Internet connection stops working, our Call Continuity Service can automatically reroute your calls to a mobile phone. To use this tool, log into your User Portal and change these settings.

Customers can read the Call Continuity Service support article to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: This setting only works if you have it configured!

Never Miss a Call

Vocalocity service includes a ”Never Miss a Call” feature, which allows you to decide how your incoming calls are handled. Calls can be automatically routed or forwarded to different locations such as a voicemail account, a mobile phone or any other phone number.

Customers can read the Extension Configuration article to set up this feature.

E911 Location

To get emergency services to your location as quickly as possible, link your phone number to physical address so that emergency operators can instantly dispatch help. A default E911 location is added when an account is created. If you would like to edit this location, or add another E911 location, follow the instructions using the Admin Portal.

Vocalocity Mobile

If you are unable to bring your office phone to your current location or power loss causes your computer not to work, you can use our mobile application to manage many features directly from your Android or iPhone. To get this app, visit the product page to download for your device, or just search your App Store or Marketplace for “Vocalocity.”

Virtual Receptionist

Every account comes with an included Virtual Receptionist that has the ability to play a message as soon as a call comes in. You can use this tool to provide updates to your customers and employees about the status of your business. To make changes, log into your Admin Portal and update your greetings.

User Portals and Admin Portals

Finally, all employees and administrators have access to user portals and admin portals, accessible at Just sign in to change settings, listen to voicemail online and view call logs.

During this historic storm, please take every possible precaution to keep you, as well as your family and employees safe and secure. If you need assistance with your Vocalocity service, please call customer support at 1-866-901-0242 or visit our support page at for detailed instructions on using the online portal to manage your phone system.


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