When you’re using a high-performance customer relationship management tool like Bullhorn®, the right system integrations can help to streamline how you keep in touch with your contacts. With Vonage® for Bullhorn®, calling your contacts and updating their information is as easy as a click of a button, without ever having to leave the Bullhorn application.

Need to make an outbound call? Simply go to your Bullhorn contact and click. The call will be routed to your phone so you can simply pick up and start talking. Inbound calls are also a breeze, as the Vonage for Bullhorn integration will quickly pull up your caller’s contact information in a quick pop-up window, making it simple for you to make notes as you talk.

Bullhorn Integration: How It Works

The Vonage for Bullhorn integration feature uses phone numbers to pull appropriate contact information from your customer relationship management (CRM) tool. When you receive a call, a screen pop-up allows you to add notes. Unknown contacts can also be added from this screen. With outbound calls, you simply click the Vonage icon next to the phone number, answer your phone and the number will dial automatically. A screen pop-up will also allow you to add notes.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Quickly and easily make calls from Bullhorn with the click of a button
  • View caller details instantly from your Bullhorn contacts in an on-screen popup window
  • Add notes to your contacts from a simple screen pop up
  • Save time by integrating your phone system with Bullhorn

Get Started

Customers can activate this integration within their Admin Portal (“Manage Your Services”) or by calling Customer Care. More details on adding services are available on our Support Website. Note: Using this integration requires an active Vonage Business account and a Bullhorn account.

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce.com and your Vonage® Essentials phone service with Vonage® for Salesforce®.

vonageconnect-ss-loginBusinesses are always looking for ways to increase productivity and improve their customer’s experience. But what if you could achieve both with one simple app? Vonage for Salesforce provides an easy bridge between Salesforce and your Vonage Essentials phone service, from matching your call to a record to logging that call upon completion.

Salesforce Integration: Why You’ll Like It

  • Instantly displays caller ID and contact record for incoming calls with a screen pop.
  • Automatically logs both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Shaves seconds off every customer interaction as records are automatically pulled up.
  • Eliminates misdials with simple Click-to-Dial service.
  • Requires no client-side installation.
  • Works from any browser platform (i.e. Windows® , Mac® )
  • Click-to-Dial. Initiates an outbound call to the number
  • Screen Pop. Instantly displays matching contact record for incoming calls
  • View Call Information. Displays caller ID information while the call is active
  • Log Calls. Auto-logs inbound and outbound calls to the selected object upon call completion
  • Call Recordings. Access audio recordings of the call straight from the call log [must have Company Call Recording or On Demand Call Recording for this feature]
  • Structured Call Log Data. Call details are captured as structured metadata to enable reporting
  • Place Outbound Calls. A dial pad feature enables the ability to make an outbound call
  • Custom Softphone Layouts. Create multiple softphone layouts customized to meet the needs of individual teams

Get Started

Customers can download this integration to Salesforce Production or Salesforce Sandbox. More installation details are available in this support article. Note: Using this integration requires an active Vonage Business account and Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited.

This feature indicates which phones on the system are in use by displaying a clear status on your phone display. Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a speed dial.

BLFLightsCalloutsIt’s exciting when your office runs like a well-oiled machine, particularly when employees are in sync with one another. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is an included feature that offers employees additional phone system visibility – to help keep communications and workflow moving.

How It Works

Busy Lamp Field supports up to 50 lines and allows you to display the status of other extensions on your phone, such as “idle,” “ringing” or “on a call.” Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a speed dial, allowing you to press that key to dial the corresponding extension.

For example: The feature allows a receptionist or administrative assistant to see whether a person is on the line and the call status. Speed dial allows them to pick up the phone, press the line configured to that person and have the extension ring immediately.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Increase phone system visibility and keep office communications flowing.
  • See the phone status of each employee on your phone display.
  • Use your BLF keys to speed dial employees.

For many offices, the Busy Lamp Field feature represents another way to streamline the flow of communications and serve customers better. In fact, this feature was specifically requested by Vonage Business customers, so we’re pleased to make it available.

Get Started

BLF can be configured on your Administrator Portal (see configuration instructions). Our Customer Care team can also help you configure the feature. Be sure to check first to ensure you have compatible phones for using the service.

Compatible Phones: BLF is currently compatible with a select set of Cisco and Polycom phone models sold by Vonage Business. See compatible phones.