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Vocalocity business phone system: January 22 webinarIf you’re researching a business VoIP phone solution, it certainly pays to do your homework. And like many business pros, you may require a few additional details beyond what you find on provider websites. That’s exactly why we offer an in-depth peek at what our business phone system can do – with our Insider’s Tour demos twice a month. The live demos are open to anyone who wants a better feel for how our phone solution can help your business.

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The Insider’s Tour is brief by design, usually no more than 15-25 minutes, but attendees gain a useful perspective on:

  • Functionality: Attendees are shown the user interface, allowing a closer look at the dedicated administrator portal which is used to manage your business’ phone system through a few simple clicks.
  • Key Features: The session covers many of the essential features we offer to help you run your business more efficiently such as: call reporting and recording capabilities, mobility, an overview of the necessary equipment, and newer features such Call Monitoring and the Desktop.
  • Customer Support: Best-in-class advocate resources are also highlighted, from ongoing support from Customer Success teams to robust online resources.
  • Interactive Q&A: The session ends with the opportunity to ask questions and review any aspect of the system.  We’ll also share how easy it is to receive a quote from a sales associate to get started!

The presentation is geared toward the needs of businesses of all sizes. It’s an insightful walk-through, where pricing is not a part of the agenda. And it’s available to anyone interested in a closer look at Vonage Business’s industry-leading business VoIP phone service.

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About Lauren Zuniga

Lauren Zuniga is the Sales Support Manager at Vonage Business who works with both the Sales and Customer Success teams to ensure the correct processes are implemented to improve the customer experience.

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