Who Benefits from Hosted PBX? You Do!

If you’re wondering who benefits from hosted PBX, just take a walk down your nearest shopping center, Main Street, or downtown area. Thousands of businesses are benefiting from Vonage Business’ hosted PBX by saving money on their phone bill, reducing the time and cost of hiring technicians to manage their gear, and eliminating the hassle of buying and maintaining expensive on-site equipment.

The Benefits of Vonage Business’ Hosted VoIP

A hosted PBX just means that your private branch exchange (PBX), the closet full of equipment that you used to have to maintain, is now hosted in the cloud. Because the entire system is managed and hosted by Vonage, you have more time to take care of business. You won’t have to worry about upgrades or maintenance – freeing you to have more time to focus on your business.

Many businesses are finding that they can save at least 30 percent over traditional phone bills by switching to a hosted PBX system.* You save initially by not having to buy a lot of expensive server equipment and in the long run by enjoying lower phone bills that actually come with dozens of included features. This helps many companies better manage overhead expenses, crucial during times of economic stress.

One feature that businesses find particularly useful is the mobility of a hosted PBX. Through a hosted PBX system, companies can route their office numbers to cell phones, which allows employees to take their office phone number virtually anywhere.

A hosted PBX frees you from the office, from unnecessary costs, and from unnecessary hassles, so that you can focus on the task at hand. For example, by using a hosted PBX system, you can have your voicemails transcribed and sent directly to e-mail. You can then simultaneously talk to one client and read a voicemail from another.

Ready to learn how you can be one of the thousands of companies that benefits from hosted PBX phone systems? Call 1-844-324-0340 today to learn more about customizing a solution for your office.

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