More and more offices are choosing virtual phone systems to enable workers to stay connected no matter where they are. Vonage Business customers like 123 EDI and Reef and Rainforest chose a hosted phone service precisely so their talented employees can work remotely without ever feeling like they’re separated from the main company. A virtual phone set-up like the one provided by Vonage can not only unify your offices, it can also give you the presence of a much larger business while affording you a small business budget.

“Work from Anywhere”

Virtual phone systems are hosted “in the cloud” which means that you can access your technology wherever and whenever, as long as you have an Internet connection. If you’re the type of person who needs to travel frequently for conferences or tradeshows, you can easily connect to your business phone system via a softphone.

You can even unplug your desk phone and take it with you, perfect for maintaining a business presence even when you need some quiet time at your mountain cabin or beach house. And if you have the type of business where your employees need to be on a call – but you don’t want to have to purchase an entirely new cell phone for them – our Vonage Business Mobile apps for iPhone® and Android™ work directly through the cell phone while giving the appearance that you’re calling from your desk.

Big Business Presence

Project Partners uses Vonage’s virtual phone system to connect its employees across the United States while giving the appearance that they’re all located in the same office. By setting up their phone system with the same area code, sales professionals can close deals while presenting a professional appearance.

Transferring calls is easy, as employees can dial an extension just like they would if they were all sitting in the same office building. So if the Director of Operations in California needs to reach the Vice President of Sales in Boston, she can just dial his extension to forward a call, without having to ask the caller to hang up and dial an outside number.

Bottom Line

By choosing virtual phone systems, businesses are giving themselves a competitive advantage to be able to work anywhere, be more productive, and spend less money on monthly bills and maintenance.

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