In the past, phone systems required the purchase of equipment, wires, and possibly even a room by itself to hold everything. Standard office phone systems were complicated and costly… until now. Vonage Business’ hosted PBX service, ideal for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), is the next best thing in business communications.

Many Fortune 500 companies have intricate, complex phones systems that cost a fortune every month. Long distance charges are expensive and with extra features service can certainly add up. Conversely, Vonage’s hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) service is great for smaller businesses. Economical and flexible, Because our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is so economical and flexible, more and more SMBs are making the switch from traditional land lines every day.

Hosted PBX Service Built for SMBs

At Vonage, you don’t have to compete with larger corporations or homeowners for our attention. We strive to make your small to mid-sized business a success. Consider our knowledgeable team a division of your communications and IT departments. Offering live customer support 24/7, our consultants give you their undivided attention and lend their expertise to customers who have questions or need technical support.

Vonage Business has made significant strides in the industry since being founded in 2006, and we’re proud to be the leader in hosted PBX service. Vonage is one of the only hosted PBX companies that owns its own technology. That means we’ve developed our award-winning system completely in-house, so our engineers and developers know the system backwards and forward. Many other hosted PBX systems are built on open source technology, meaning that the code was developed by third-party developers not affiliated with the company.

Work Anywhere with Hosted Technology

So what exactly does hosted PBX service include? At Vonage, we host all equipment off site in the cloud, so you don’t have to buy PBX hardware or find the space to accommodate it. Unlimited extension plans allow you to make unlimited calls nationwide for a low flat monthly rate. Included in every unlimited extension plan are all the features that a small business needs to communicate professionally.

You also get the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, allowing your employees to travel or to work from home. Vonage doesn’t charge installation fees, and doesn’t try to lock customers down with contracts, or proprietary phones that only work with our service. Our #1 goal is to help businesses grow, because when you succeed, so do we.