For businesses, a PBX phone system is a solid tool to help your operation run smoothly at a lower cost. It is essential that your customers are not only able to easily contact you, but also that your employees can easily communicate with one another. At Vonage Business, our business PBX is one of the cheapest and most reliable methods of installing a phone system, especially for a small business. But why should you choose a hosted VoIP phone service over a traditional, analog phone system?

What is a Business PBX Phone System?

PBX is a telephone company term for a private branch exchange. In simple terms, a business PBX is simply a phone system that manages multiple phone lines and it is fairly standard within most companies. Traditionally, these business phone systems have required extensive equipment and have been very expensive to install and run. Vonage Business specializes in offering phone systems that offer similar features, but without the heavy equipment and high costs. These hosted phone systems are especially well suited for small businesses, although any size company can benefit from the technology.

How a Cloud PBX Works for You

The small business PBX systems offered by Vonage are considered “VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) and they allow clients to place calls over the Internet rather than using a land line telephone. And because this type of system is hosted off site, this means that using hosted PBX over traditional, analog PBX means minimum equipment and a much lower cost. But if you’re worried about sacrificing quality, you can be assured that hosted PBX systems are just as reliable as on premise business PBX. Because of our proprietary technology and advancements in security and redundancy, Vonage’s systems are of a caliber akin to traditional PBX systems, provided a strong Internet connection is available.

The Bottom Line About Business PBX

Historically, small businesses have chosen analog business PBX phone systems because they felt that the investment was worth the brand name, or reliability. However, like driving a car off the lot, depreciation kicks in the minute that equipment hits the office. With advancements in VoIP technology, it’s now more cost effective than ever and just as safe to switch to a hosted PBX provider. You’ll definitely save money month over month, and you’ll even get more business-class phone features included in your monthly service fee. Vonage’s business PBX systems also has free software upgrades, free customer support in case any problems do arise, and an ever-expanding list of add-ons and plugins.

Why Switch to a Hosted PBX Right Now?

With traditional PBX phone lines, you had to purchase or lease lots of equipment that sat in a storage area in your office and required ongoing maintenance. And because the phone company knew that they had you pinned down because of your investment in technology, they locked you into a yearly contract with substantial cancellation fees.

At Vonage Business, we never lock you into a contract because we’re convinced that you’ll be pleased with our service, features, and support. Getting out of your contract with an analog provider might cost a little extra money at first, but the month over month savings you’ll experience with hosted business PBX will be well worth it.