Vonage Business offers entry-level phones from Yealink to power your at-home business, startup or remote office. The affordably-priced Yealink series delivers professional-grade options and crisp call quality with basic built-in features to get your office up and running.

Yealink IP Phones from Vonage Business

If you just need a phone to make and receive basic calls at a low volume throughout the week, Yealink phones are an attractive option because of their core feature set, headset / desk phone option, speakerphone and ability to mount on the wall for easy accessibility.

Offices that typically use the Yealink phones include: production or non-customer facing departments with low call volume, a sole proprietor or freelancer who just needs a simple business phone with one or two lines or a growing office looking to keep costs low but expand in the future.

To learn more about Yealink phones – our most affordable internet phones – call 1-844-324-0340.