If you’ve never heard of a softphone, perhaps it’s time to stop using your personal number to make business calls when you’re on the go – and take advantage of three great internet solutions. Vonage Business offers three VoIP softphones: Vonage DesktopConnect for Essentials (with an integrated softphone), Vonage MobileConnect for Essentials, and the X-lite 4.0.

A softphone just means that you’re not using “hardware” to make a call. Instead of plugging a physical phone into the outlet in your hotel room or carrying your desk phone back and forth between your main office and home office, a softphone allows you to access your Vonage Business phone system through your computer or smartphone.

VoIP Softphones Integrate with Your Vonage Business Phone Service

After configuring your softphone software with your Vonage account information, you’re ready to start making and receiving calls. Just plug in your USB headset, launch the Vonage DesktopConnect for Essentials or X-lite 4.0 and use the helpful phone-like interface on your computer to make your calls. You can also use MobileConnect to make calls on the go.