Cash for You.

Could your best friends use some new technology for their businesses? Refer them to Vonage® Business phone systems. Look like a tech guru while earning serious cash.

With so many small to mid-sized businesses rapidly moving to the cloud, there’s never been a better time to introduce your contacts to Vonage Business phone systems. It’s quick. It’s easy. Plus, it puts cash in your pocket.

Refer your contacts to Vonage, earn cash, repeat

6 Painless Tips to Build a Base of Referrals

1. Word of Mouth Share the wealth about your great experience with Vonage Business phone systems to your colleagues, vendors and industry friends.
2. Socialize Share informative technology content on social media, liked LinkedIn. Watch your thought leadership turn into tech credibility and take on a viral life of its own.
3. Pay it Forward Make the first move and give a connection a referral. What goes around comes around. They may just return the favor.
4. Give Thanks Get successful referrals to send additional referrals your way by planting the seed with a email, text or hand-written thank you note.
5. Learn Vonage Math Share key stats that differentiate Vonage Business phone systems, like 40+ business features, 24/7/365 support, and average 36% monthly savings.
6. Target an Industry. Why not target an industry that is known to be ideal for VoIP? These could include insurance, legal or medical practices, professional services, and more.
1 Register, 2 Refer a Business, 3 Earn Referral Cash

Think of our referral program as a win-win opportunity – a better, less-expensive phone system for the businesses you refer, and a fatter wallet for you.

Ready to earn up to five figures in five minutes?

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Go Bold on Referrals

Get cash rewards from $200 to $10,000 1 for each referral, based on the number and type of lines your connection needs.

Earn up to 10K for 100+ lines

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