Man Looking at Computer ScreenIf you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you already know about delivering exceptional customer experiences. Now, imagine integrating your business phone system with your CRM, taking efficiency and customer engagement to a new level. That’s what your employees can do with Vonage® for Microsoft Dynamics®, powered by gUnify— fast and seamless access to customer CRM data with every incoming/outgoing call, and features to make engagement, data capture and follow-up even easier. As a result, your team can save time, streamline interactions and do more.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration: Key Features:

  • Click-to-Dial: Click any number appearing in a Google Chrome™ browser and the integration connects the call through your Vonage Business phone system. Eliminate misdialed calls and easily tie the outbound call record to any contact or account in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Incoming/Outbound Screen Pops: : Know who’s calling before you answer with incoming screen pops that feature answer or decline and send-to-voicemail options. Quickly return missed calls with the help of the missed call screen pop with call back, or call back and open call log window options.
  • Quick-Add Contacts and Accounts with Nightly Sync: Create contacts and accounts quickly while on calls with new customers. You can sync manually or set for automatic initiation.
  • Admin Settings Allow Workflow Options: Admins can simplify workflows by enabling features such as the auto open call log window, minimum character limits in call notes, and customizable call noting.
  • Call Note-Taking:You can record all inbound/outbound calls for note-taking, so you’ll never have to scramble for a notepad again.

Get Started

Customers can activate this integration within their Admin Portal (“Manage Your Services”) or by calling Customer Care. More details on adding services are available on our Support Website. Note: Using this integration requires a Google Chrome browser v25.0 or higher, an active Vonage Business account and a Microsoft Dynamics account.