Vonage® for Clio®, powered by gUnify, offers an innovative solution that integrates your Clio practice management environment with your business phone system to streamline your time tracking, reporting and billing.

Cilo-LadyIf you’re using Clio, you already know it’s one of the most comprehensive cloud-based law practice management software tools around. Vonage for Clio seamlessly integrates between your Clio practice management solution and your Vonage Business phone system, allowing you to maximize productivity within your office. Automatically track call times, take notes and log all incoming and outgoing calls for a particular account. So, tracking cases and clients is easier than ever. With Vonage for Clio, you can focus on what really matters: growing your practice.

Clio Integration: Key Features

  • Click to Call. Click-to-dial any number appearing in a Google Chrome browser and connect the call through your Vonage Business phone system.
  • Automated Call Logging. Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls to Clio when the caller id or clicked number is matched to a Clio Contact.
  • Screen Pop. Take advantage of incoming screen pops with decline and send-to-voicemail options. You can also view a “Call in Progress” screen pop with “End Call” or “Open Call Log” window options, as well as “Missed Call” screen pops with “Call Back” or “Call Back and Open Call Log” window options.
  • Call Tagging and Note Taking. Use the feature for easy call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls, exported to Clio Contact communications. Calls can also be associated to a “Matter” related to the matching contact.
  • Automatic Time Entry. The extension automatically creates time entries based on call duration and the following rate hierarchy:

    • User Rate,
    • Activity Description (if selected), or
    • Matter Rate (if selected and one is set).

Get Started

Customers can activate this integration within their Admin Portal (“Manage Your Services”) or by calling Customer Care. More details on adding services are available on our Support Website. Note: Using this integration requires a Google Chrome browser v25.0 or higher, an active Vonage Business account and a Clio account.