The way your business VoIP phone system is set up and customized can have a powerful impact on the customer experience – not to mention the increased efficiency your business can enjoy. For Vonage Business customers, configuring your cloud phone system is easy with the Vonage Service Portal (VSP).

VSP puts customers in greater control of their business phone system, starting with account setup and feature configuration during onboarding. You’ll get intuitive, step-by-step instructions to help you understand even the more complex features, and you can return anytime to further customize the system. Should you need further input or how-to assistance, remember that our Customer Care team is just a call away.

How Vonage Service Portal Works

Cloud hosting enables the entire Vonage Business phone system to be managed virtually, with no technician visits required. VSP is accessible via password-protected login by any company administrator on the account. As an administrator, you can set up your extensions and choose and assign phone numbers for your entire organization. The portal is also where you can configure your calling features. For example, you can easily select call routing options for features such as Virtual Receptionist and Call Group.

Why You’ll Like It

Vonage Service Portal is meant to save you time and make business phone system customization easy:

  • Get your business phone system set up and working quickly
  • Understand complex features and how they benefit your business
  • Take intuitive steps to configure account settings and call routing options
  • Choose and assign phone numbers
  • Update feature settings and routing as needed over time
  • Access additional customer or tech support when you need it

Get Started

Vonage Service Portal is available only to those on the account designated at administrators. For new customers, password-protected login credentials are provided during onboarding. Existing customers may use their current account login to access VSP. More information is available on the Vonage Business Support website.