You’ve got to admire the passionate Zoho CRM users who affectionately refer to themselves as “Zoho-holics.” These professionals can now take business efficiency even further with Vonage® for Zoho® CRM, powered by gUnify, the cloud integration that ties Zoho together with the Vonage business phone system.

With Zoho CRM integration, users get screen pops with their incoming and outgoing calls, automatic call logging, call history and extensive reporting capabilities. Plus, it’s so easy to do more in the course of a call without leaving the Zoho CRM: add contacts, add notes, track call duration, click-to-dial, and more.

Zoho CRM Integration: Key Features

These features can help you bring business efficiency to the next level:

  • Screen Pops. With both your inbound and outbound calls, screen pops let you know who’s on the line and instantly brings up the Zoho account record.
  • Call Logging. Calls are automatically logged as an Activity, saving time and allowing easy reporting, sorting, and prioritization of customer contacts.
  • Click-to-Dial. Click to call any number appearing in a Google Chrome™ browser, and the app connects the call through your Vonage Business phone system to eliminate misdialed calls and easily tie the call record to any contact in Zoho.
  • Quick-add Contacts. Create new Contacts quickly and efficiently while you’re on the call with new prospects or customers.
  • Quick-add Next Action. From the screen pop, simply add the next task or appointment—so you’re not scrambling for a Post-it® note.
  • Call Note Taking. Notes for inbound and outbound calls are captured in call Activities.
  • Call Time Reporting. Use call time and durations to analyze data from individual customers or customer segments.

Get Started

Customers can activate this integration within their Admin Portal (“Manage Your Services”) or by calling Customer Care. More details on adding services are available on our Support Website. Note: Using this integration requires a Google Chrome® browser v25.0 or higher, an active Vonage Business account and a Zoho CRM account.