Voicemail to Email is a convenient Vonage Business feature that allows Vonage customers to listen to their messages from a computer, in addition to their phones.

Every employee with an extension can select the email address of their choice where they’d like to receive their voicemails. When a message is received on an extension, an email notification is sent to the selected email address with an MP3 attachment of the message.

The MP3 files are easily played on computer speakers or headphones, and can be saved permanently in email folders for record keeping and reference.

How Can Voicemail to Email Benefit Me?

  • With Voicemail to Email, all voicemails become accessible at any time.
  • Employees can easily save voicemail audio files to a folder on their computer.
  • MP3s are also much easier to review and control playback of specific parts of a message.

Every extension has a password protected User Interface, which provides even more control over voicemails. Employees can change their voicemail settings for their extension, and download and forward voicemails from the User Interface web portal.

How Else Can I Use Voicemail to Email?

Companies that want to add an even greater level of convenience and streamlined communications signup for Vonage’s voicemail transcription service. With Vonage Visual Voicemail, in addition tov the MP3 attachment included with Voicemail to Email is a text transcription of the message itself in the body of the email.

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