Virtual Receptionist Graphic: Business Phone SystemWhen it comes to Vonage’s key features for business, Virtual Receptionist is not only one of the most popular, but it’s also the feature that most businesses set up first. This sophisticated auto attendant lets you create customer pathways, routing your callers to the appropriate department or individual for a streamlined experience. This feature also gives you the flexibility to customize your call routing for holidays, lunchtimes or even after hours calls.

The use of this feature is absolutely unlimited, and you can set up as many Virtual Receptionists, attendants or sub-attendants as you need to create a robust phone menu system.
Last minute emergency or unable to get into the office? Updating your Virtual Receptionist is easy from anywhere. Simply log into your Admin Portal to make changes, or employ a Manual Schedule Override to ensure your callers get to the right place. By setting an end date and time, your Virtual Receptionist will return to normal when you need it to.

Why You’ll Like Virtual Receptionist

  • Add as many Virtual Receptionists you want to create a robust phone menu system.
  • Route your callers to exactly where they need to be depending on their selected options.
  • Cut down on call clutter by getting callers to the right place the first time.
  • Set up rules for daytime and after hours calling.
  • Give your customers a professional experience every time they call.
  • Have your Virtual Receptionist greetings and options recorded for you by Vonage.

How Virtual Receptionist Works

When someone calls your business, they are presented with a variety of options that allow them to reach specific departments. They can dial by name, dial by extensions, or even use a company directory. The caller then makes a selection and is routed through to the extension of their choice. Set-up options are completely up to you.

Get Started

You can configure your Virtual Receptionist directly from your Admin Portal. However, you may wish to have a Customer Care Representative walk you through your initial set-up so you’re aware of all the opportunities this feature can bring to your business. Additionally, they can provide assistance on having your greetings and options recorded for you by our dedicated team.

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