Part of growing as a business means assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and Vonage Business training and compliance features help you stay aware of room for improvement. Our business phone service allows professional organizations to leverage features to both train their employees on standards and also monitor employee performance for improvement and recognition.

Employee Oversight to Train and Commend

View call logs, assess conversation times and even listen to call recordings with our available training and compliance tools. You’ll be able to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, review for consistency, and download calls to review with new hires, trainees and established team members.

Your business phone service enables you to have the power to have unparalleled insight into employee performance by measuring call volume, wait times, voicemails answered or missed and more.

Eliminate Confusion, Stay Compliant

Some industries require that doctors, dentists or some legal firms record calls. Journalists or writers like to record calls to make sure that they cite their sources accurately. And other offices simply like to record calls to reduce any confusion through a contract negotiation or a sales deal process. Whatever your reason, learn how Vonage’s call features can help you stay on track.

Ready to learn more about how Vonage’s business phone service can help you train employees or stay compliant within your industry? Visit our features above or call a helpful representative at 1-844-324-0340.

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