Toll Free Number: Image of call center workersWhen customers seek to purchase a product or service over the phone, they certainly don’t want to incur long distance charges. That’s where Vonage Business Toll Free Numbers come in – allowing your contacts to call free of charge from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. It’s not just savings for your customers – Vonage’s Toll Free Numbers are a flat rate with no per minute charges.

While Toll Free Numbers are incredibly useful for your main company number, or even for specific departments such as Customer Service, they’re also an easy way to manage your promotional campaigns. Add a Toll Free Number to your latest marketing or advertising campaign to help capture call volume metrics. When you’re ready to move to another campaign, a Customer Care representative will be happy to assist you in switching to a new number for no additional charge.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Gives a professional, big business presence to your company.
  • Flat monthly rate, with no per-minute charges.
  • Makes picking up the phone more attractive to U.S. and Canadian based customers as they won’t incur long distance charges.
  • Tracks marketing and advertising campaigns easily and effectively.

Get Started

You can get started by either having a new toll free number assigned to you through Vonage or by transferring over a number you already own. This feature can also be added through your Admin Portal, or by calling Customer Care.


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