When you’re in business, keeping costs to a minimum is key. That’s where features like Vonage’s Paperless Fax (also known as Digital Fax) comes in, making it easy to send and receive faxes without the added expense and ongoing maintenance of a traditional fax machine. Also, you’ll never have to stand in line to fax something again, as both you and your employees can have individual fax numbers.

Paperless Fax allows you to receive your faxes on either your desktop or smartphone, eliminating the need to wait around for a promised fax’s arrival. It’s all managed with your voicemail and emails, unified in one inbox. Additionally, Paperless Fax lets you send faxes to your contacts while on the go. It’s a true mobile solution for a traditional element of business.

How It Works


Why You’ll Like It

  • Send faxes from both your mobile or desktop.
  • Give your employees their own fax numbers.
  • Manage your faxes, email and voicemail with a single inbox.
  • Save money on supplies like paper, toner and unreliable fax machines.

Get Started

Setting up Paperless Fax is easy, and can be managed through either the User Portal or Admin Portal. Just log in and follow the steps. This handy feature can be added by going through your Admin Portal or by speaking to a Customer Service representative.