Call_Recording-On_DemandThe On-Demand Call Recording feature lets employees decide when to record important calls. It’s particularly useful when you need to verify the details of a conversation – such as pricing and delivery dates – or when it’s essential that you capture accurate notes. Plus, since the recording is conveniently accessible on your User Portal, you can play recordings back any time or forward the recording file by email.

On-Demand Call Recording is available on an extension-by-extension basis and gives employees exclusive access to the recordings they capture. Need more options and recording time? Take a look at our Company-Wide Call Recording feature, which is managed by the company’s administrator on the Admin Portal.

How it Works

Users with this feature on their extension can quickly start and stop a recording by clicking two keys on their phone – or they can set it to record all calls. Once the recording is captured, it’s accessible on the employee’s password-protected User Portal. The feature also works with our Mobile App.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Allows calls to be recorded at will on the employee’s extension.
  • Enables users to verify facts and details discussed within the recorded call.
  • Provides 15 hours of online storage; user is notified when limit approaches.
  • Lets users organize, manage and delete recordings on their User Portal.
  • Works with our Mobile App for call recording convenience on the go.
  • Allows addition of your own message acknowledging that the call is being recording (if required by state or local regulations).

Get Started

This feature can easily be added to as many extensions as you like through the Admin Portal. Or, you can call a Customer Care representative to assist. Your IP phones will automatically work with the feature as soon as it’s added.