This feature lets you seamlessly change the presentation of your Caller ID with the simple click of a few digits on your phone.

Dynamic_Caller_IDThe popularity of our Dynamic Caller ID feature is a reflection of how many modern business owners conduct operations. In some cases, they’re relying on one phone system to support multiple businesses – so the ability to switch from one business presence to another is a huge efficiency. Other businesses operate in multiple states, and this service allows employees in a different locations to project a local presence to the people they call.

The “dynamic” aspect of this feature is the ease of switching from one outbound number to another by entering a simple code combination on the phone. Users can switch to any number on the account and switch back just as easily. As a result, the people you call get a more personal experience, and you gain more professional flexibility. In some cases, you may find that those who normally screen calls will answer yours.

How It Works:

Once your account Administrator assigns a code to the numbers on your account, users on the account can switch back and forth from number to number when making outbound calls – using just a few digits on the phone. This feature is extremely easy to use, but callers can only switch to other numbers within their Vonage account.

Why You’ll Like It:

  • Present the number from your account that is most appropriate for the call.
  • Represent multiple businesses on the same phone system.
  • Give the appearance of a local business in other markets.
  • Let your business appear more personal and professional to those you call.

Get Started

This is one of the easier features for account Administrators to set up on the Admin Portal. Online “how-to” support resources are available if needed, as are our Customer Care representatives.