Vonage’s VoIP phone service with Dynamics CRM makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your customers and prospects. Associate your calls with contacts, leads or accounts or create new ones. You can also automate call tracking and quickly log your customer and lead interactions. With each incoming call, your computer will automatically open Dynamics so that you can instantly view your caller’s information, call logs, and other essential data to help you sell better. The Desktop and the Microsoft Dynamics plugin not only make adding new contacts easier, you can also log your client or lead interactions with Microsoft Dynamics activities. Had a call last Friday with a customer but can’t remember what you talked about? No problem. Check your Microsoft Dynamics account.

Compatible With:

  • Microsoft Hosted 2011 Online – Microsoft CRM online
  • Microsoft 4.0 Local – Microsoft Dynamics CRM installed, on-premise solution.
  • Microsoft Online-Custom Provider – provides online access to your partner’s hosted solution.

How Can I Get the Microsoft Dynamics Plugin?

To access the Microsoft Dynamics plugin, you must first have the Desktop application installed. If you do not already have the program installed, visit the Desktop page to download and install the application. Then, call 855-367-4322 to have Vonage Business Support configure your account to work with Microsoft Dynamics. Learn more on how to install, configure and use the plugin by visiting the Knowledge Article for Microsoft Dynamics.

More Information

To learn more about Desktop, visit the Desktop product page.