Map an incoming phone call and weather conditions based on a caller’s area code, and take important calls even when you’re not quite sure who it is. Incoming call from someone in New York, NY? Maybe it’s your distributor, calling to give you a critical update about the shipment you were expecting this week that was disrupted by the snowstorm in the Northwest. Another great utility of Caller Location / Weather / Time is the ability to facilitate meetings with customers or prospects in other time zones. Ever needed to figure out if your caller is based in a Central or Eastern time zone to schedule a conference call? The Caller Location is a quick and easy way to help you figure out where your caller is located so you can make sure everyone is happy.

How Do I Download Caller Location?

The Caller Location plugin is available FREE for all Vonage Business customers to use. Downloading is easy: Just log in to your Desktop, select “Plugins” and click “Install” next to your Caller Location plugin. Learn more on how to install, configure and use the plugin by visiting the Knowledge Article for Caller Location.

More Information

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