Knowing your history with a caller can be crucial, particularly when dealing with issues or identifying who your most frequent callers are. With the Call History plugin, you’ll easily be able to see a full list of stats about the caller on the other end of the line. From total calls to how many messages they’ve left for you, the information you need is just a click away.

Plugin launches with incoming call

Call History plugin screen pop showing relevant call stats.

With the Call History plugin, a screen appears every time a contact calls. The screen shows information on previous calls including date, time, direction, length and call results. The screen pop also provides quick access to voicemail.

View even more call stats in full screen view

Call History plugin full screen stats.

The plugin features a calendar that allows you to quickly search and highlight calls on a selected day. Below the calendar you can view high level stats. For example, compare total number of calls to you versus total calls to others within your company; view stats today, the current week or the current month.

How do I download the Call History plugin?

The Call History plugin is available FREE for all Vonage Business customers and is automatically installed with the Desktop application. Check it out today! In the event you are not seeing call information, log in to your Desktop, select “Plugins” and click “Install” next to the Call History plugin. For more information on how to install, configure and use the plugin visit the Knowledge Article for Call History.

More Information

To learn more, visit the Desktop product page.