Providing easy viewing to the real-time status of all your account’s extensions, the Dashboard allows users to customize views, see who’s on the phone and even dial extensions.

When you’re busy, having a quick view of what’s going on at work can be extremely helpful. That’s where Vonage’s Dashboard comes in. Like the Admin Portal, the Dashboard can give you a real-time view of who’s on the phone, who they’re talking to and for how long. You can even customize views and use Dashboard’s directory for click-to-call capabilities, all from your mobile or desktop. However, unlike Admin Portal which is for account administrators only, the Dashboard allows for quick overview for all account users, making it a powerful tool for your entire company.

How It Works

Modeled after user-friendly instant messenger applications, the Dashboard is extremely easy and intuitive to use. The system mimics what you might find on a desktop phone display by showing which extension is in use, but also gives you the status of each call for any extension on your system. Just want the feature for your management team? The Dashboard is customizable through your account administrator, allowing you to limit access per user.

Why You’ll LIke It

  • Easy, one-step system information.
  • View employee call status in real time, including call times, caller ID information and more.
  • Click to call any extension on your system.
  • Turn Do Not Disturb on and off with the click of a button.
  • Fully mobile accessible.

Get Started

The Dashboard is included with Vonage’s 40+ suite of features. To access it, logon to your user interface at Administrators should click the Dashboard icon at the top of the Admin Portal, whereas other users only need to click the Company Directory icon in their User portal.

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