Seamlessly integrate and your Vonage® Essentials phone service with Vonage® for Salesforce®.

vonageconnect-ss-loginBusinesses are always looking for ways to increase productivity and improve their customer’s experience. But what if you could achieve both with one simple app? Vonage for Salesforce provides an easy bridge between Salesforce and your Vonage Essentials phone service, from matching your call to a record to logging that call upon completion.

Salesforce Integration: Why You’ll Like It

  • Instantly displays caller ID and contact record for incoming calls with a screen pop.
  • Automatically logs both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Shaves seconds off every customer interaction as records are automatically pulled up.
  • Eliminates misdials with simple Click-to-Dial service.
  • Requires no client-side installation.
  • Works from any browser platform (i.e. Windows® , Mac® )
  • Click-to-Dial. Initiates an outbound call to the number
  • Screen Pop. Instantly displays matching contact record for incoming calls
  • View Call Information. Displays caller ID information while the call is active
  • Log Calls. Auto-logs inbound and outbound calls to the selected object upon call completion
  • Call Recordings. Access audio recordings of the call straight from the call log [must have Company Call Recording or On Demand Call Recording for this feature]
  • Structured Call Log Data. Call details are captured as structured metadata to enable reporting
  • Place Outbound Calls. A dial pad feature enables the ability to make an outbound call
  • Custom Softphone Layouts. Create multiple softphone layouts customized to meet the needs of individual teams

Get Started

Customers can download this integration to Salesforce Production or Salesforce Sandbox. More installation details are available in this support article. Note: Using this integration requires an active Vonage Business account and Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited.