Call_Recording-Company_WideOur Company-Wide Call Recording feature allows company management to set the recording parameters they choose across the account. Companies often use this feature to verify details of important conversations or to coach employees on how to improve interactions with customers. On-Demand Call Recording is also available for individual users on the phone system – but this company-wide feature is much more robust and can only be accessed by administrators. Recordings are captured on the Admin Portal for easy access and distribution, and the feature comes with 500 hours of online recording space.

A hallmark of the feature is the ease of setting “rules” for recording within the Rule Wizard. For example, you might capture 70% of calls on Tuesday. Perhaps you wish to record call activity on just two of your extensions. Or, you might choose to record all call activity. It’s up to you. As you approach your 500-hour limit, the system automatically notifies you. To make room for more recordings, simply download and delete the recordings you don’t want to archive. Additional blocks of 250 hours may be purchased for $19.99.

How It Works

Administrators and Super Users on the system control the feature and set the rules for recording. Once rules are set, recording is automatic and resulting recordings are available on the Admin Portal for playback, downloading and even forwarding by email. As an added convenience, recordings can be clicked on and listened to within the system’s Call Log reports.

Why You’ll Like It:

  • Administrators and Super Users set recording parameters in the Admin Portal.
  • Recordings can help management train employees and evaluate performance.
  • Keeping important conversations on file can help protect the organization.
  • Comes with 500 hours of storage; additional hours can be purchased.
  • Files of recordings are easily accessed and can be shared via email.
  • Free download utility allows fast download of all recordings if needed.
  • Can be bundled with Call Monitoring feature for discounted pricing

The feature also allows the addition of your own message acknowledging that the call is being recorded, if required by state or other regulations.*

Get Started

Administrators and Super Users can set up the feature on the Admin Portal, but we recommend letting one of our Customer Care representatives walk you through setting up rules for the first time. Pair this feature with Call Monitoring, and you’ll receive half off the $49.99 Call Monitoring feature.

*It is the responsibility of the customer using this feature to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws including, where required, obtaining consent from all parties on the call.