If you want to improve your business phone system and cut costs, there’s no better way than a cloud PBX. It might sound confusing, but it makes your phone system work smarter and faster for less, without loads of expensive on-site equipment! Sure there are lots of other technical steps involved, but we take care of that for you so you can focus on your business. Here’s how it works:

1) Making or Receiving a Call

“Cloud” just means a service that you get over the Internet. Each time you make a call from your IP phone and every time your customers call you, your call is quickly handled by Vonage Business using our secure and reliable technology.

2) Vonage Routes Your Call

Cloud PBX from Vonage means that your call comes through to our data center, where we use our secure technology to reroute the call and direct it appropriately. It means that you get a total phone system that is available instantly – and eliminates the need for extensive on-site equipment. You may have also heard this referred to as a “virtual PBX” or even an “IP PBX.”

In the past, companies used to have to buy or lease lots of expensive on-site equipment to handle calls. But since we host, maintain, and upgrade our VoIP equipment ourselves, that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

3) Call Completed Through the Internet

Vonage completes your call over the Internet and connects you to your customers with excellent clarity. And because it relies on the Internet, you can use dozens of features like On Demand Call Recording, business-class plugins for CRM systems, Call Pass, Call Forwarding, and so much more. That’s it! That’s “the cloud.”

How Cloud PBX Makes Your Business Phone System Better:

  • No closetful of phone equipment. We host that for you off-site.
  • Get one low bill from one company.
  • Pay one flat fee per user. Regardless of time on the phone.
  • Set up your IP phone system in minutes, and use your IP-enabled phones anywhere you get an Internet connection.
  • Enjoy all the features of a Fortune 500 phone system.
  • No annual contract. We’re so convinced you’ll love Vonage’s cloud PBX phone service, we never lock you into a lengthy contract.
  • It costs less- because we own our own equipment instead of leasing it from another technology provider, we’re able to pass the savings along to you. Save as much as 30% on phone costs per month.