Click to Dial: Employee browsing the web, on the phoneThis convenient, time-saving plugin is a must for sales organizations and businesses where employees invest time working with web-based business tools, such as CRM systems. Click-to-Dial is a browser-based plugin that’s easy to download and install, and even easier to use every day.

How It Works

When you click a phone number on your computer screen, you’ll instantly receive a call on your Vonage phone. The moment you answer, you’ll hear “Please wait” followed by ringing while your party is being dialed. As a result, the number is dialed accurately and you save time with every call. Most users find the experience similar to browsing mobile-enabled websites on their iPhone or Android, with the calling process initiated by a single click.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Saves employees time by clicking instead of manually dialing.
  • Increases productivity by eliminating dialing errors.
  • Makes calling easy with functionality similar to mobile web browsing.

Enabled by VoIP technology, Click-to-Dial is popular with customers across multiple industries. Among the most avid users are businesses with sales or service teams.

Get Started

The free Click-to-Dial plugin can be downloaded by any user on the Vonage system from the Google Chrome Store, the Firefox Store, or here for Internet Explorer. Once it installs, simply log on with your account password and start browsing the web. It couldn’t be easier.

Download from the Chrome Store
Download for Internet Explorer
Download from Firefox Extensions

This is a patented Vonage feature. View patent information.