Our Click-to-Call Me service provides a quick and easy way for your customers to reach you. By adding a Click-to-Call Me button to your website or email signature, customers can connect instantly to your Vonage Business phone number with the simple click of a button. The best news is that the feature is free and available to all Vonage customers!

The way it works is simple. When a customer clicks your “Click-to-Call Me” button and enters their phone number, both your phone and your customer’s phone will ring, placing you on a call together.

How Does Click-to-Call Me Work?

Visitors to your website don’t need Vonage service, or even VoIP service for this convenient feature to work. Visitors enter their own phone number into the widget on your site, and it is sent via the unique code on your website to your VoIP system. Vonage will connect a VoIP call to the visitor that clicked the widget, and once he or she answers, the call will be connected to your company.

You can choose which number to enter into the Click-to-Call Me code, and set a unique number that calls are directed to. The number must be associated with your company’s account, but does not need to be the main company phone number. This can be convenient for directing website calls to the proper department, so that Click to Call Me callers don’t need to navigate through your company’s Virtual Receptionist phone menu.

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